Human voice is best key to Crack Your Digital Marketing’s Potential


By using marketing source, we’re trying to attract group of people, referred as “customers,” “users” or “clients”, “businesses. “The most interesting challenge that marketers now face is not how to use special and best social media platforms or how to influence the technologies we have, but how to be as human as possible on the web. Now Marketers concentrated on more “viewers” “traffic,” or “targeted audience.”


 Listening is play important role to get the consumers and to get the website traffic. The best sales people are actually brilliant listeners. This is because selling is not giving the product for money.  It’s also about maintaining long-term relations with clients who will keep coming back to you for more.


  • Considering Only the Short Term. If you just want to sell something in this moment, there are many tricks which will help you to do so.  In-your-face advertising, sell your products by telling about the materials you have chosen to provide outstanding goods with best quality are all ways in which you can raise your bottom line in the short term.  But these methods are not suitable to assist your company in the long run.
  • Considering the Long Run. To see your company in the long run, you have to offer quality product and quality customer service to your customers.  You need to ask them what they’re looking for and taking their suggestions into consideration.  You have to consider their comments and suggestions and what they really need.

 How Marketers Listen. There are many techniques through which you can listen to your customers.  By using email or phone call take the feedback from your customers about the product or services.  It will be helpful to know about customer is satisfied with what they’ve purchased, it also gives you more response with regard to what they would like to see products with new features.  Getting your customers to comment on a new product line on social media is also a great idea.  You can consider these comments when developing your products exactly what your customers looking for.

            Developing a Voice for Your Brand

After developed a product while listening your consumers requirements, you need to communicate this to them. Suppose you could have the best product on the earth but if your clients don’t know about it, then it’s not going to benefit them in any way.  So you have to provide the information about the good qualities of your product, through a variety of media.

  • Using Several Forms of Media. Once you have an outstanding product than your contestants, you don’t need to amplify the qualities of your product or you don’t want to moderate them.  Through marketing you can express your customers what you and your brand. Develop a website and blog and use SMM about your products and services.  It’s a worthy idea to have several forms of media at hand when you’re communicating with your customers.
  • Reliability in Your Message. If you are using different Medias, you want to make sure that you have a certain amount of reliability in your message.  Don’t change your message when you’re using different mediums.  Keep the same images and references.  When you feel that your brand has developed in a way, but that doesn’t work for your company, you can change it.  However, when you want to make this change, maintain Reliability.
  • Brand Integrity. You have to maintain brand integrity.  For this, you have to be perfect about what your brand represents. What are the fundamental values that you’re looking to convey to your customers?  What makes you?  What makes you tick?  If have answers for these questions, you’ll know about what your brand convey. This greatly makes things easier to figure out how to market to customers.  Once you know your product, you’ll also know what images to use and what type of content is in keeping with your brand.

AUTHOR:- Chaitanya Nandigam has 8 years professional experience in digital marketing and is the founder of CEO of Emblix solutions which is a full services digital marketing company.

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