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How Digital Signage and Display Screens can Improve your in Store Marketing

Digital signage and display screens are a great marketing tool that is found in more and more businesses every week. They are more frequently found in retail shops, gyms, offices, and more. Having a strategic plan along with digital signage will help with your business goals, like building you’re in store community or upselling products. There are various ways in which a business can use this technology for their needs including promoting products to shoppers passing by, providing information and news to visitors, and just for general entertainment. Now a days people are more drawn to engaging and interesting videos, multimedia, and photos. Our brains are wired to respond to visuals. Our brains can process visual material 60,000 times faster than a text. All smart businesses will use visual displays to engage with their customers through platforms in store. Here are some ideas on how digital signage and display screens can improve your in-store marketing.

Display board in Bar

 Product announcements, product launches, and promote sales

A very popular and common way to use display screens is for promotions in store. Use the display screens to announce special offers and sale promotions, promote and launch a new product, and announce upcoming special events and sales. The consumers in store should be able to view the upcoming and current promotions that you have on in store on your digital screens. It will tell them about when the next sale is coming up or about current promotions that you have on in store. Digital signage can also increase and create product awareness. This is helpful in retail fashion industries where products may be seasonal. Use visual signs to boost your sales and to grab customer’s attention by offering promotional prices on all products in store.

Educate customers

Unfamiliar and new products in store that may be complex, sometimes need explaining. Certain products you are selling could benefit from a tutorial, you could use your digital screens to display your product through an instructional video. You could also display frequently asked questions and additional product information. Having this information readily available displayed on the digital display screen will help make it so much easier for the customer to answer their questions and decide to buy.

Build your brand awareness

Today’s consumers will research products online before they purchase. It takes a significant amount of time for any company to establish and build its brand from the ground up. Digital signage is the diversity and flexibility of the platform which helps increase brand awareness. Show your customers digital videos of your brand’s identity and story. Storytelling is far more memorable than just the facts and figures. Digital signage will help you reach your target audience and increase ROI. Customers will become familiar with your brand and visual signs will make your brand more recognisable. Keep your content simple yet creative. Screens that look unattractive or confusing could damage your brand recognition. Your brand logo should be very clear to your audience. Leave a long lasting impression even for just a few seconds with digital display screens.

Generate loyalty

Digital screens in store also have the ability to help you create loyal customers. Good content and messages on a screen above or near the register counter will help encourage the shoppers to sign up for loyalty programs and download mobile shopping applications for their mobiles. Placing digital screens near or above the register paying area will not only engage with the viewer but also will help with the waiting times keeping them amused and will also help create a positive customer experience while in your store. Digital signs near popular products will encourage customers to sign up for the store newsletter so they can be notified of special promotions, sales, news, and events in store. All who signed up, their names and addresses will be added to your database giving you an opportunity to market to your customers while they are at home. They will also compliment your SEO online marketing.

Display screens

Support your customer and sales team

Customer service is a huge differentiator between in store and online shopping. Digital signs can help improve the overall experience. Product directories and directional signage will help customers in store find what they are looking for and improve their overall experience. Digital signs will also provide your staff and sales team with support by answering commonly asked questions or connecting the customers to a member of your staff assistance team. The screens are like having more staff members which would help free up your team on customer service for dealing with more difficult problems that may occur in-store.

Repurpose social media

In retail and many other types of businesses, social media is a big way to entice and influence consumers. Social media isn’t always easy. Creating effective content for your page rolling it out and getting people to engage and share it is the hard part. Using digital display signs, you can place your social media content in front of your store audience with no other distractions. With Instagram and Twitter platforms, you can select your content, feed, and hashtag to show a live stream of tweets. This helps with your competitors online seeking customer’s attention and places your content and social media right under their noses in store.

Upsell and share your product information

Digital signage will allow you to display information about products you have in store. It will save your floor staff a lot of time answering repeat questions about your products making your store run a lot more productively. You can have a higher priced alternative to a popular product that would match well with something the customer may be already purchasing. Upsell and share alternative options with your customers. Digital signage will engage with customers offering them product information freeing up staff time. Offering product alternatives will make it easier for the customers buying decisions. Not only will it increase sales but also improve the overall customer experience too. It’s a winning solution for your store and the consumer.

Introducing digital signage and display screens into your store will open a whole new world of new possibilities for serving customers, promoting products, and generally enhancing the overall store experience. Digital signage is growing rapidly, and you should get involved. It is a worthy investment for your in-store marketing strategy. Digital signage is a clever way of making your business stand out from the crowd. It is highlighting what makes your business stand out from the shop next door and emphasizes what you have to offer. Get started today and make your store shine with digital displays.

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