4 Reasons Why Using Digital Signage To Enhance Customer Retention Is An Affordable And Smart Choice

Advertising on signs and sign boards, along busy intersections in highly populated urban areas has been a long standing practice that dates to the beginning of the last century. Signage has proven over and over again as an efficient way in which businesses, yours included, can get a leg up on the competition. It can allow you to interact with potential buyers by advertising new products, giving information and basically training the potential customer on how best to use a service or good.

This trend is not about to change any time soon as the advent of digital media has created a compelling range of solutions, which has made signage an attractive option for any type of business. This is especially so for SMBs, which couldn’t hitherto afford to launch a full-fledged digital advertising campaign thanks to the then prohibitive nature of the costs involved. Thanks to the internet and cloud based solutions, any business, no matter the size, can enter this space and make a big difference in terms of customer engagement.


Engage The Professionals

Compared to running advertisements on TV or print media where the bigger the reach of the audience, the higher the amount of money you have to pay to stay engaged. With a digital signage solution that is cloud based, you can quite quickly start off with a completing digital ad for free and then upgrade and add more features as you progress with your campaign. This model is easy to set up and you are bound to find templates embedded with the solution, which you can easily customize for your needs.

The options are simply limitless, but since the learning curve on how to effectively deploy a digital signage strategy are daunting for most folks, the best option that you should consider is to engage experts who have a track record in providing solutions which have the potential to transform your business in a profound way. You then learn from the professionals and afterwards after you have gained some confidence, you can then attempt to go it on your own, retaining the experts as consultants.

The 5 Compelling Reasons To Get In On The Action Now!

Regardless of the type of business that you are engaged in, you can be sure to find a solution that will take you head first into the world of digital signage and the potential which it has in transforming your business. Therefore, the next 5 points will discuss how the various business sectors can transform their customer engagement and save lots of money while at it by customizing available solutions to their advantage.

  • Retail –A business that retails goods, from the small street corner shop to a shop in the biggest malls that there are anywhere in the world. The basic idea is to get as many people as you possibly can into your store in order for you to sell as many items as you can to make money. Simply put, FMCG businesses rely largely on voluminous sales in order to increase their net profit.

With this being the case, you need a multi-channel approach to your digital signage solution that will engage the buyer across a whole range of devices and levels. The experience needs to be the same for your customer both offline and online and this experience must not only be rich but one which cuts across on-line, on-premise and on-mobile experiences. As a retailer, you need to seek out a solution provider who will bear all this in mind.

  • Quick Service Restaurants–In this scenario, you as the owner of a restaurant are driven by the great desire of not only attracting a large number of consumers into your restaurant but you are also driven by the huge desire of making sure that they become repeat customers and that they tag along with their friends.

For this to happen, you need an engaging digital signage strategy that will transform your customer experience through the following key areas; you need to deploy a mobile based strategy in which your consumers can quickly interact with the menu from their mobile devices all the way to Digital Menu Boards, DMB.

Therefore, as a matter of urgency and as a smart restaurateur, you must make the leap into digitally immersing your customers in the entire process so as to ensure that you retain them and that they act as your walking, breathing referrals.

  • Internal Communications–There is a whole new exciting number of ways in which you can engage yourself in using digital signage to transform how you communicate important news to the entire team at work and how you seamlessly make sure that all partners and employees are on the same page in terms of communication.

In the current world, it becomes clear that there are by far too many channels of communication which often end up overwhelming the intended audience and so the message gets lost in translation, literally.

This display can be used across say a hospital right from the reception, to the wards and doctors and nurses’ stations to make sure that they get the same message, appropriate for them at the right time in the right manner.

  • Schools – Schools need not be left behind in the use of digital signage to communicate important communication to the whole institution clearly, affordably and efficiently. The compelling reason to change to digital signage at the school level is that you are bound to save a lot of money that gets tied up printing paper based communication.

Second, with digital displays, it is easier and much more efficient to communicate across the board in cases of emergencies as the channel is versatile and it can be tailored to cater for any emerging situation. Some of the solutions include video walls, emergency messaging, way finding, teaching and learning aids and showcasing student work among a host of other exciting options.

Author Bio

Hendricks Henzel is a Digital Signage Consultant of 32 years who has helped transform education across the State of New York via the use of Video Walls in making communication across institutions more aligned and cohesive.

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