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Steps to take if you’re declared bankrupt

Whether it be a personal money problem or those caused by running a business, bankruptcy cases are surprisingly common and can affect anyone from the highest roller down to the everyday man in the street. However, what you do when you’re declared bankrupt can make all the difference between recovering […]


A Beginners Guide to Bitcoin Cryptocurrency

When we dig into the world of bitcoin cryptocurrency it still mystifies millions of people even though bitcoin is widely used now on a global scale. Despite its high profile, especially on forums and social media, many people are still confused by the fact that cryptocurrency isn’t connected to anything […]


5 Tips for Great Business Invoice Template Designs

A business invoice is vital for every company. These invoices help companies receive payments from clients. Without a business invoice, receiving payments from clients becomes tedious. Wondering how to create an invoice? You can use a business invoice template as the rubric. These pre-built templates make it easy to add […]


The Top 4 Vehicles Built In Texas

Texas has a thriving automotive industry – mainly producing trucks and heavy-duty big rigs. The Texan automotive manufacturing industry has surged by 29 percent since 2001, according to a recent state-authored report. Here is a rundown of four of the most successful vehicles to be manufactured in the great state […]