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Haduan Falls, Pampanga

Hidden Treasures of Pampanga, Philippines

Pampanga is most known for its culinary treasures, so it is not so hidden anymore. What we refer to Pampanga’s hidden treasures are not so popular places and attractions that deserve a spot in every traveler’s list of must-visits. 1) Miyamit Falls At the heart of Porac is the majestic […]

Holiday Abroad

How To Pay For A Holiday Abroad

So you have been working hard for a solid six months and you need some time away. You want to get out of the country and take a relaxing trip abroad in some far off sun filled country. While there is no reason for not being able to do this, […]

Turkey Holidays

Istanbul & Cappadocia a perfect combination

This holiday allows the traveller to experience two completely contrasting places; a vibrant, bustling confident city where ancient meets modern and an area famous for its surreal scenery, wealth of ancient churches and unparalleled opportunities for adventure activities. Istanbul is an ancient city where ‘east meets west’, ‘ancient meets modern’. […]