3 Sneaky Traps In Stores & Supermarkets That Make You Spend More

Sneaky Traps In Stores & Supermarkets Always wondered why you often leave a store spending much more than you had intended? When you shopping at the store, do you opt for a shopping cart or a hand basket? If the answers are yes, then do not beat yourself about it, it is not an accident. Supermarkets, retail stores and specialty stores are well versed in understanding and knowing how to make you part with your money.
According to marketing experts and consumer advocates, retailers are increasingly adopting outrageous ways of enticing naive customers to spend more than is needed. A number of subtle and sneaky ploys are constantly being studied and researched to understand how to tempt customers and manipulate their minds to persuade them in buying more.
Here are some common tactics employed by retailers that will help you in not getting tricked, beginning from your next shopping trip.

Shopping Baskets1.    Stay Away From Super-Sized Carts
After years of intensive research, marketing analysts have deduced that the amount of groceries that a consumer buys is directly related to the breadth and width of the shopping cart — that is the bigger and deeper the cart, the larger the number of groceries piled into it. Some retail marts also keep tiny carts for children, as many of us marvel at how ‘thoughtful’ the retailer has been to make the store more kid friendly. But there is much more than what meets the eye. Retailers put up kid friendly products within children’s eye level and with the addition of a kid’s cart along with your large cart, retailers are banking on the fact that your child will beg you to buy the appealing products specially targeted at them within their view and reach, thus making you spend more than 40% of your intended budget.
Instead, pick up a basket. And if the store has run of them, content yourself with a quarter-filled super-sized cart, rather than filling the cart up to the brim.

Music2.    Beguiling Music
Ever wondered why Christmas music is a permanent blockbuster for marketers making cash registers ring with joy? According to research, nostalgic music makes shoppers feel young again like they’re children once more. Listening to wistful and sentimental music makes the shopper spend approximately 20% more, than average. It has also been seen that appealing sounds are effective and coercive motivators, which is why stores are increasingly creating a new phenomenon known as, ‘soundscapes’, such as the sound of scorching steak at the butcher’s department or the sound of sparkling soda on ice at the soft drink counter.
The best way to beat the temptation is to carry your own music with you. Listening to upbeat music while shopping may sound a wee bit radical, but doing so will not only help you in shopping faster, but it will also save your hard earned money from buying things that you do not need.

Trial Rooms3.    Manipulation With Lights And Mirrors
This might be hard on you, but the fact is that you cannot trust the mirror in front of you while inside the dressing room. The mirrors in dressing rooms are specially constructed to play on a buyer’s mind to buy exactly what is being worn and more. Marketers invest a great deal of money in playing with lights, from the dressing rooms to certain departments, in order to make the products appear fresh and desirable.
To prevent your wallet from being drained, examine your potential purchases on the floor of the store, and not in a glamorised environment that has been specially assembled to persuade you.

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