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4 Reasons to Have Magical Entertainment at Your Child’s Party

As kids get older, the clowns and princesses are no longer ideal entertainment for their parties.  Enter the magician! Magicians are able to keep them mesmerized with a variety of acts including illusions, disappearing acts and sleight of hand. In addition to that, a good magician will have enough silly tricks to keep your audience moving from amazement to rib cracking laughter throughout the act.


Whether you have a birthday coming up, a graduation, confirmation, or some other cause for celebration, bring in the party magicians and you can be sure that the crowds will have a great time.

A great party must have great food, excellent music, and fantastic entertainment.  Whether it is a kids’ party, or a party that cuts through a wide age bracket, you can be sure that a magician will be the best entertainment.  Here are some advantages of having a magician entertain your guests at your next party:

  1. Excitement – There is something about a magic show that carries with it a ton of excitement. People are keen to follow every move that the magician makes and this keeps themglued to his act the entire time.  Knowing that there is a magician coming to entertain them will keep your guests in a mood full of anticipation.  You can be sure that the attendance will be fantastic since nobody will want to miss the show.
  2. Keep the kids busy – When you have a family event or a party that has both kids and adults, a magician can keep the children occupied so that the parents can also relax and mingle. The children are entertained safely, are contained in one spot for a while, and get to have a great time while at it.  Parents do not have to worry about chasing their kids around the entire time.
  3. Enhance the imagination – Kids have a very active imagination, and Yabadoo! Sydney provides entertainment that makes good use of their imagination. They will be gasping in awe at the sleight of hand and disappearing acts as they try to imagine where they could have gone.  Children can also learn to be creative by watching a magician do his tricks.  Some may even try out their own tricks later on.
  4. A memorable event – Children remember things based on what made the most impact. With a magician as part of the entertainment, you can be sure that your kids will be talking about that party for a long time to come.  Some of the magicians may even show your child a trick or two that he or she can practice for a while to come.  Your child will learn that there is more to a birthday party than just the gifts they receive.

A magician is excellent entertainment for any party.  The kids will love the act, will be captivated by the show, laugh hard, and remember this day for a long time to come.  Don’t allow your next party to be the same old boring party.  Throw in lots of fun by having a magic act!

Other fun forms or entertainment for parties are things like bouncy castle hire, outdoor discos, and barbeques.

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