5 Considerations to Help You Choose the Right Court Reporting Agency

With many court reporting agencies to choose from, you may be overwhelmed on how and where to find the right agency. These firms can be quite beneficial for your legal firm and the cases you handle. This is why you need to choose one that knows what they are doing and will provide quality services. Here are a few pointers that will help you choose the best agency.

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Services offered

Court reporters or agencies offer a wide variety of services such as real-time reporting, videography, next-day delivery, video conferencing, and much more. You must ensure that the court reporting firm provides all the services that you need. You should determine your current and future court reporting needs and choose a company that exhibits proficiency in these areas.  This will help you choose a company that will provide you with the services that your legal firm needs the most.

Level of professionalism

When choosing court reporters, it is crucial to look into their level of professionalism. You want court reporters that are always on time, ready to go and are ever waiting for you. They should be reliable and always dressed for success. A good agency should be able to produce accurate transcripts, rough and an unedited transcripts and provide real-time feed without excuses or delays. A good reporting firm should be there to meet all your needs.

Reporting locations

Some court reporting firms have statewide service, and others even offer nationwide services. Such companies can come in handy when you are handling court cases outside your usual location. This is because you will always have a court reporter with you or representing you irrespective of where your case is. Hiring a company that can service several areas will be beneficial to your legal firm.

Good customer service

Working with a court reporting agency that treats you professionally and right is a must. The company should be friendly, helpful, and provide you with the services and information you need. You want a company that is responsive to all clients and has the turnaround time that you require for your court transcripts and any other services offered.

Seek referrals

Finding the best court reporting agency could be as easy as asking other legal representatives or firms about the companies they work with. You should get their honest opinions and consider the pros and cons of different companies they have worked with. Referrals are usually the best type of testimonials and will give you an idea of the reputation of the agency in the legal community.

You should choose a reporting firm that has adequate staff and office personnel to fulfill your requests at any given moment. Their staff should answer your emails and calls, and not the answering service. You want a court reporting agency that is able to meet your needs on time. This is because last-minute court reporters happen and so do eleventh-hour witnesses. With a reporter who can be available within the shortest time, you will have the services that you need regardless of the situation.

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