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5 Handy Tips For Successful Verandah Design

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It is essential that you have carefully considered your verandah design prior to jumping in, otherwise you could end up with something that cost you a significant amount of money and that you regret. After all, most verandahs are present on the front of the home (where it is most visible) – don’t you want it to add to the appearance of your property rather than detract from it? We have compiled 5 handy tips that will ensure the success of your design:

  1. Choose the right area
    There is nothing worse than a verandah addition that looks as if it’s been tacked on as an afterthought or isn’t in keeping with the rest of the property. Whilst this might seem like a no-brainer, you would be amazed at the number of people who simply do not think when creating their design. The backyard could be an obvious location, but if you will get more use on the side or front then go for it.
  2. Design the layout
    Australian homes actually used to be built with a traditional verandah that wrapped around the entire outside of the house. If you have the money and the space, there is nothing stopping you from doing something similar today. A good way to start is by measuring up all of the available space around the outside of your house; you then need to decide how much your yard you are willing to lose.curved-roof-verandahs
  3. Get necessary approval
    As with any building project, your verandah design will need to comply with building regulations. You can find more information on this by contacting your local council. It is also important to note that regulations can differ between suburbs; just because someone you know has built a structure close to the boundary line doesn’t mean that you’re going to be allowed to do the same.
  4. Work within budget
    Regardless of the verandah design you have in mind, you need to know how much money you’re willing to spend on the project before construction starts. When working out your budget, make sure that you take every minor little detail into account – a handful of nails may not seem like a big expense, but if you need hundreds of them it’s going to quickly add up. Do your research!
  5. Choose quality materials
    Verandahs can be constructed using a wide range of different materials, so it is important that you have carefully considered which will best meet your needs and complement your property. Whilst timber is a popular choice, it is prone to rotting and even warping as a result of weather exposure; it needs to be properly treated to prevent this. We actually recommend polycarbonate and steel.

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At the end of the day, the success of your verandah design is dependent on good planning. You could have chosen the highest quality materials on the market, stuck to your budget, gotten the necessary permits, chosen the best location and created an appropriate layout, but if you haven’t planned out the project from start to finish it’s unlikely to work well. So, dedicate some time to properly planning your verandah and we are sure it will be fine.

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