5 Things Every Small Business Should Consider When Looking Into Start-Up Technology

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When it comes to planning a start-up business, something that is often overlooked is the role of technology in supporting and even determining the path of the business. Small companies are often let down by poor technology, including failed Internet connections, missed calls, and even computer crashes. Avoid these problems by being more aware of the potential benefits of investing in technology, including these 5 facts that every small business should consider.

1) Plan a budget

Companies who want to invest in technology should always have a budget limit in mind. It is easy to get carried away when viewing technology, and it is not rare for companies to overspend on technology that the business doesn’t really need. Keeping to a budget also allows the business to be creative with its gadget choices without investing in items which are too expensive or which can be purchased once the company is in a better financial position. Sometimes, it makes sense to wait until the business is growing and flourishing before excessive investment.

2) Have a Plan

Once a budget has been set up, then it shouldn’t be too difficult to create a plan around that budget. Most small businesses need to have a good idea of the technology they need. Computers? Almost certainly in this day and age. Internet connections? Yes, again. Smart phones for employees? Perhaps for sales or travelling teams, maybe not for everyone. Synchronized James Bond watches? Probably not. Having a plan helps a business to know what they need when it comes to start-up technology.

3) Choose practicality

Basic technology can be the ideal partner for a start-up business. Technological simplicity not only helps companies in keeping down costs – tools that are easy to use are accessible for computer specialists and technophobes alike. Basic technology also means that staff training doesn’t have to be too complicated, as long as the employees know how to handle all of the elements needed for the business.

4) Choose optimisation options

When technology is being used to create or support a website, optimisation is important. Good design can only go so far, and so all technology should be used to keep the website performing at its best. From software to fix broken links, to Analytics programs and Checkout certificates, investing in this technology is vital for any start-up that wants to be taken seriously. Don’t scrimp on the gadgets that can help a business to reach out to more potential customers.

5) Reliability

One of the most important aspects to any start-up technology is reliability. No programme or gadget is useful unless it can be operated almost all of the time. Unstable software, phone apps or internet connections are useless to the start-up business, and could even be costly. When making a choice between different options, user comments about reliability and connectivity can be a deciding factor, and business owners should read this information very carefully before making a purchase.

Damian Coates is the Commercial Accounts Director for Essex based IT support company- Utilize. Damian has a lot of experience in helping small business by giving advice on what start-up technology they should consider.

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