5 Ways to Improve Your Posture When You Sleep Including the Use of Reversible Pillows

In keeping your overall health, there’s no way you should take your posture for granted. A huge mistake of many of us is ignoring the necessity of good posture while sleeping. And that’s why they don’t think it’s necessary to use 2 in 1 pillows.

If you want to wake up feeling great and with no aches in your body, it’s time to invest in some quality reversible pillows from Luxura. Also, remember the following tips on how to improve your posture when sleeping:


#1 – Try not to sleep on your tummy.

According to sleep posture experts, the ideal sleeping positions to keep a good posture are sleeping on the side or back with a reversible pillow. Sleeping on your stomach will prevent your spine from achieving a neutral position. As a result, you will suffer a strain on your joints, back, neck and other muscle areas. Thus, you should try to get used to sleeping on your back or side with a comfortable duo pillow under your head.

#2 – Make sure your mattress offers sufficient support.

No matter how good your sleeping position is, you may still experience a strain on your back if you have an unsupportive mattress. If you can’t afford to buy a new mattress yet, a good option is to use a mattress pad or cover that offers adequate softness for your back and spine.

#3 – Use appropriate pillows.

The type of pillow you are using can also make a difference in keeping a good posture when you’re sleeping. Basically, you should not use a pillow that’s too thick or too soft. What you want is a pillow that can support your neck so that it will remain in a neutral position throughout your sleep. Make sure also that your 2 in 1 pillow is placed underneath your head and neck, and not under your shoulders as this may strain your neck and shoulder muscles.

#4 – Always be mindful of your posture.

For you to keep a good posture, it’s important that you be aware and mindful of your body positioning even during daytime. Keep your back straight when you’re sitting, standing, or walking. Having this discipline will help you maintain a good posture, which can improve the quality of your life in so many ways.

#5 – Move around to loosen your muscles before you sleep and after you wake up.

It’s a good habit to walk around a bit before you hit the bed and cuddle your Luxura pillow duo. This way, your muscles and joints will loosen up. Light stretching in the morning after you wake up is advisable as well.

Image Credit: Luiza Zmuda

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