7 Movies That Should Have Won An Oscar

Oscar awardsWith the Oscar Fever just around the corner, there are a number of predictions on which film is likely to win the best picture award by the Academy of motion picture arts and sciences. Every year, the Oscars honours the very best in film but there are times that the majority of people feel that the coveted Best picture award is not necessarily given to the one that rightly deserves it.
We look at leading movies that should have taken home the Best picture Oscar– but lost to the movies that should not have won.
1. A Serious Man / Up (2009)
Undoubtedly, The Hurt Locker, was a brilliant film in all aspects and realistic depiction of war, as it takes place, but due to the overall war time sympathies prevailing at the time, Kathryn Bigelow turned out to become the Academy favourite. Instead, the other films that were nominated in 2009 along with, The Hurt Locker, such as Disney Pixar’s Up and the Coen Brothers, A Serious Man were better contenders, and either of the movie should have won the Oscar.
Brokeback Mountain2. Brokeback Mountain (2005)
A solid, heart breaking and relentless drama, Crash was an overall excellent movie, but there have been many similar such movies belonging to the same genre, which makes Crash highly forgettable and devoid of any cultural influence. The popular vote belonged to Brokeback Mountain that should have easily won for its depiction of a very sensitive and taboo subject and its excellent cast.
3. The Pianist (2002)
With due respect to movie musicals, Chicago was extremely entertaining and a stylishly crafted movie. But did it really deserve the Best picture of 2002? This has been a highly debatable issue and many felt that Chicago was given the award due to its stellar ensemble. On the contrary, what really tugged at the heart of moviegoers and deserved its due was the movie — The Pianist. In spite of Adrien Brody winning the Best Actor and Roman Polanski the Best Director trophies, The Pianist could not manage to reap the big award.
4. Saving Private Ryan (1998)
The movie, Shakespeare in Love has been touted to have pushed Gwyneth Paltrow into the A-class of Hollywood actors, but it is extremely unfair that Saving Private Ryan–believed to be one of the best war movies of all time–lost out to Shakespeare in Love.
5. Fargo (1996)
Considered to be a droning 2 1/2 hour flick, it is a mystery how, The English Patient, took home the Best Picture award. A greater mystery was how the brilliant Coen Brothers’ Fargo missed out on the Oscar. Even to this day, the exceptional performances of William H Macy and Frances McDormand are regarded to be phenomenal pieces of acting.
GoodFellas6. Goodfellas (1990)
In spite of the movie being an enjoyable hit, Dances With Wolves really did not deserve an Oscar, as compared to its phenomenal contender that year, Goodfellas by Martin Scorsese. Despite being snubbed for Raging Bull and Taxi Driver, on previous occasions, Martin Scorsese certainly deserved the Oscar for Goodfellas that year. The fact that Goodfellas continues to have epic replay value as compared to Dances With Wolves, should have been reason enough for an Oscar nod.
7. Citizen Kane (1941)
Regarded by leading critics and the American Film Institute as the greatest film of all time, Citizen Kane continues to be listed at Number One in various Top 100 lists. However, that year, Citizen Kane strangely lost out to, How Green Was My Valley, which continues to perplex many, even today.

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