8 Reasons to Move to Australia

Australia brings thousands of people every year to live, work and play due its fantastic quality of life. This article reveals the top 8 reasons why it is such as attractive place to so many, and the reasons why you should make Australia your home too.


  1. Weather

Australia has one of the warmest year-round climates in the world. Temperatures remain high throughout the year, which means even the winters are mild. In summer, Australia sees long hours of sunshine and balmy evenings, which is much better than the two days of sun we get here in the UK.

  1. Nature

Australia has one of the lowest air pollution levels in the world, and a large variety of beautiful natural ecosystems, over 500 national parks, and 14 world heritage sites, including rain forests, deserts and mountains. Its 10,600 beaches attract many to the country, with 36,735 km of coastline, clear waters, and golden sand.

  1. Healthcare

Australia has one of the best healthcare systems in the world, Medicare. Their health system provides all Australians with basic health cover, and there is also a private system.

  1. Diversity

Australia is a multicultural society. 43% of Australians are born overseas or have a parent born overseas. Harmony Day is celebrated around the country every year on 21 March, in which Australians celebrate their cultural diversity and respect one another’s culture.

  1. Job Opportunities

Australia boasts a strong and growing economy, and a low unemployment rate of around 5%. There are many job opportunities and chances to develop your career, and any skills shortages brings workers to Australia every year on work visas which often become permanent.

  1. Lifestyle

Australia has an incredibly laid-back and friendly lifestyle, which promotes a work-life balance. Australians love spending time outdoors, spending time with family, surfing, going to the beach, and playing sports.

  1. Education

Australia has a high standard of education. Australia has over 1,200 institutions with over 22,000 courses to choose from. The country attracts many international students as it is a great place to study and enjoy student life.

  1. Family

Almost half of Australians were born overseas or have a parent born overseas, and Australia’s visa program allows overseas family members to unite and make a home in the country with their relatives already in the country. Likewise, partner visa options are also available for overseas citizens to marry their Australian partner and become an Australian citizen themselves.

Australia is an incredibly attractive place to move to, due to its weather, nature, healthcare, diversity, job prospects, lifestyle, education, and family. All of these factors contribute to Australia’s high quality of life, making it a popular choice for anyone choosing to make the country their home.

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