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A Review Of Ships In Wind Of Luck, A Free Online Game

In the game, Wind of Luck, players choose what kind of ships they can add to their shipyard. The ships are what are required to win battles. Ships can be bought from the shop and upgraded to become stronger and powerful. Some ships do stand out from the rest though. There are three regions that the ships are inspired by: Asia, the Mediterranean, and the Caribbean. Each of the ships have unique characteristics and qualities that make them different. The amount of detail put into each ship is truly spectacular.

The above image is a screenshot of The Wind of Luck Shipyard


The first type of ships being discussed are the Caribbean ships. There are 4 types of Caribbean ships. The first ship is called the Bermuda Schooner. This ship is very fast and can hold up to 12 cannons. The ship can also hold a maximum of 49 crew members and a captain. The ship is one of the smaller ships in the game.


The next set of ships are the European ships (Mediterranean). The first ship is the Polacca. This ship is steered by oars and it is slower. The ship can only reach up to 8 knots. Though the ship can hold up to 14 cannons and can carry 72 crew members and a captain. The ship is not able to withstand being shot at too many times, as the sides are very weak.

Another type of ship is the Balancella. This ship was very common in Spain and Italy as it is mainly a ship used for fishing. The hull is very strong which means that it will not lose speed in wind. The ship can hold up to 30 men and hold 4 cannons.


The above image is one of the Asian Scenes in Wind of Luck

The final type of ships are the Asian inspired ships. These ships are some of the strongest in the game. One of the strongest among them is the Kobuskon. This ship has protective amour that prevents enemy boarding. The ship is much better at high sea than it is sailing along the coast. The ship reaches up to 15 knots and hold up to 180 men and 32 heavy cannons. This ship is a force to be dealt with.

A second ship is the Catamaran. This ship is based from the Polynesian Isles. The ship can reach up to 10 knots and is very good with sailing in bad weather. The ship features a double hull, meaning it has amazing maneuverability. This ship is best when it comes to boarding enemy ships. It can old up to 32 men and 3 small cannons.

Each one of the ships in Wind of Luck feature unique characteristics. What truly makes them interesting is that they are all different. It adds so much more depth to the game than only playing 2-3 kinds of ships. The detail added on the ships are also something to really see. The ships ensure that players will have a unique playing experience with every session. No session will be the same with these ships.

This post was supplied by Mark Stubbles, Mark is 36 and can only remember going on one ship in his whole life.

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