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Modern Raksha Bandhan A tale of unmatched love!

India is home to many unique festivals and some festivals are celebrated across lands, religions, and languages without any differences. Raksha Bandhan is one such occasion that celebrates the love between siblings.

There is nothing like a bond of two people growing up in a single household, who are there for each other at every step in life. Like many other families across India, the festival of Raksha Bandhan has always been a grand festivity at my home without any exceptions. 

Raksha Bandhan is nothing without Rakhis, sweets, and gifts which are all a part of the grand celebration. These festive modes, festive feel, and happiness are all the hallmarks of joy for a perfect Raksha Bandhan but this year I would like to share with you a remarkable incident that happened to me on Raksha Bandhan.

I hail from a middle-class family, and I grew up with a younger sibling (a brother). Since my mom was a single parent who was working hard I was practically raising my brother right since he was 4. I was there for everything from his first fall to his first day of school and life was moving ahead as usual and having a younger brother had its advantages. 

Despite all the fights and arguments, I knew my brother had a special place in his heart for me. So when the time arrived, I chose to move forward to achieve my dreams. During his middle years of growing up, I had already moved to a different city to pursue my dreams. Since then I have missed so much. His first mustache, his first love which I knew was a joke, his first movie, his first bike buying moment, etc.


Every Raksha Bandhan I used to miss home so much and would sadly send only a box of sweets and a rakhi to my brother. So this year I decided to visit my home and be there during Raksha Bandhan to surprise my brother. But being home and visiting my brother was a huge shock to me as he had already grown tall into a fully grown man. 

After all the curtsey talks I was still struggling hard to wrap my head around my brother getting so mature and growing up so soon. Later that day after Rakhi my brother called me out for something. Inquisitive about why he is calling me out, I went out and my brother gave me his bike key to ride. 

I was always scared of riding two-wheelers and my mom being a single parent I had no one to teach me how to ride. But I did not know how to break this to my brother as I had always been a role model for him and now I thought all that would change. But to my astonishment, my brother grabbed my hand and walked me towards the vehicle.

He said, “Didi I will teach you how to ride, I know you never knew how to ride a bike, but you have been nothing but simply great at everything you do, so it is time to learn to drive and no worries this time I will teach you how”.  

This is the same baby brother, whom I taught how to walk and ride his baby tri-cycle. I realized how fast time flew and it shocked me of how much I missed. Although I could not control how happy I was driving up seamlessly enjoying the life of riding a bike I couldn’t help but wonder how much my baby brother spent on it.

What interested me was the fact that my brother also chose to buy a second-hand bike for himself, though he bought his dream bike, he has saved so much by opting for a refurbished one instead of a new one. This certainly made me realize how my baby brother has grown up to be a fine man. 

We drove up to different parts of the city which I had no clue existed. My brother gave me a special gift on Raksha Bandhan, the gift of him being there for me in all walks of life. 

I always felt bad for not having an elder brother who would protect me. But now me being the protector of my family, I have a younger brother who lets me spread my wings and supports me in everything I choose. 

Cheers to every brother and sister who despite being together under the same roof or spread across continents share the same unbreakable bond of love. Happy Raksha Bandhan!

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