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Advantages Of Choosing A Steel Shed

Garden sheds are a common sight here in the UK. In fact, they form an integral part of many people’s gardens. However, as their popularity continues to increase, the question arises as to which structure makes the best shed. Interestingly, the steel shed option could certainly be vying for the spotlight on this one. We recommend buying from Abbeylawn Steel Garden Sheds Dublin for the best quality products. Let’s take a look at a few of the main advantages that come with choosing a steel shed.

Steel Shed

An Affordable Choice

Having the outdoor space of your home looking neat, tidy, and attractive can sure set you back a few pounds, to say the least! That is why, when it comes to getting a new shed, a lot of homeowners are already thinking about ways that they can do so on a budget. That is here the steel shed option really steps into the limelight. They tend to be significantly cheaper than their wooden counterparts

This is an added plus if you are hoping to purchase a larger shed, but have found that wooden sheds in bigger sizes are out of your budget, you may very well find that a steel shed of a larger size will come in bang on budget, or maybe even a little under!

Easy To Move Around

We don’t all live in luxury homes with rambling gardens that spread out as far as the eye can see. That means that for many of us, we are trying to find a good option for a garden that may be a little cramped or where access is not easy. If this sounds like your outdoor space then a steel shed is likely to be especially appealing. They tend to be delivered in lightweight packages and are usually flat-packed, this makes them easier to move around and get into the right location before you assemble.

Excellent Durability

Just because a steel shed is lighter than other shed types does not mean that it compromises on the durability front. In fact, you are likely to find that your steel shed is incredibly durable. When a homeowner invests in a steel shed, there is every chance that it will service them well and continue to look appealing for many years, or even decades.

Low Maintenance

Some people love to have a quaint little wooden shed that they paint and decorate each year as part of their relaxation time. Some people are the exact opposite. They want a shed that looks attractive and tidy but will not require constant thought as to buying paint, changing the appearance and so forth. A steel shed will fulfill this brief very well while fitting in nicely wit your timber fencing. The galvanized layer underneath provides weather protection, as well as preventing rust from developing. It is this same protective layer that will delay corrosion from setting in. If you are happy to do a little maintenance, then give he structure a lick of fresh paint every 5 years or so and treat the steel shed to a quick hose down when you happen to have the garden hose out; now that is what we call low maintenance!

Not A Fire Hazard

We all need to give thought to the exterior of our properties to ensure that the area is as safe a possible for those that we love. Steel sheds come with one big advantage here; metal is fire retardant, it is simply the nature of the material. For your steel shed to meltdown, the temperature would have to be very, very high. This means that you have added peace of mind that the items that are stored in your steel shed are also safe and secure. This is a big plus when it comes to ticking the box for health and safety at home.


Better Potential For Security

Speaking of keeping the items that are stored in the shed safe, steel sheds also perform well on this front. Usually, the typical structure for a steel shed will have reinforced hinges that prevent forced entry. The doors and walls also tend to be a better deterrent for would-be thieves. If you decide to invest in a steel shed that is outside the budget range, you will likely find that the walls and doors are thicker, providing even more security.

Keep in mind that criminals in the area are well-informed on what makes an easy target and what isn’t worth the hassle. A sturdy steel shed is likely to look rather unattractive to a criminal whereas a quaint wooden one may have much more appeal when it comes to easily being able to gain entry.

Colour Heaven

The great thing about steel sheds from an aesthetic point of view is that there is a wide range of paints available, in fact, you really will be spoiled for choice. There is something incredibly refreshing and fun about a steel shed painted in a retro colour. This also means that you can ensure that your shed fits in with the overall style of your garden and can change the colour as and when you have the desire. As well as this, paint coatings for steel sheds tend to be much more resilient on the metal than they would be on wood. As we mentioned above, you will hardly need to paint your shed more than once every 5 years. We cannot say the same for a wooden shed.

The Bottom Line On The Advantages Of Steel Sheds

Indeed, we may have only covered a small selection of the advantages that come with steel sheds but the facts seem to speak for themselves; steel sheds are definitely an excellent option to consider for your garden needs. Coming in at a great price that can work well for most budgets, being light and easy to carry around before assembly, providing excellent durability and added security for items that are stored within, not to mention the fact that they are low maintenance, fire retardant and can be painted any host of colours; it certainly seems that the humble steel shed is worthy of investment in any garden!

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