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How To Get Good Deals On Airstream Catering Trailers

If you are going to start a catering business, you will likely need to obtain a catering trailer to do this work. This will allow you to hook it up to the back of a truck, bringing it to remote locations so you can set up for business. Of course, you will need the proper operating permits to go to each location, but it allows you to begin to provide your services. There are many different models available, as well as sizes of these catering trailers, that you can choose from at a wide variety of prices. One of the best companies is Airstream, a business that is known for producing catering trailers of all different shapes and sizes. Here is how you can get the best possible deals on Airstream catering trailers.

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Why Would You Want This Particular Type Of Catering Trailer?

This company produces one of the most versatile catering trailers on the market today. They are often known for the centralized position of the wheels, upon which the food trailer itself will be positioned. Doors will open up, typically two of them, more like windows rising up on hinges. Inside, you will have a full kitchen that will be powered by your truck, as well as backup power supplies that are incorporated into the system. One of the reasons that people enjoy these particular food trailers is because of their unique design.

Why Would You Want To Get This Particular Type Of Food Trailer?

First of all, you can cook gourmet meals from inside this ruling food truck. Depending upon your qualifications as a chef, or if you simply have a multitude of meals that you are good at preparing, you can do all of them from inside this trailer. It is a high-end luxury setup, one that is highly coveted by those that are in the catering/food industry. It is also a wise business investment, especially because of the high resale value that these food trailers tend to have. In most cases, you will have a five-year lease, or perhaps even a seven-year lease, so that you can minimize your monthly payments.

What Is Inside Of These Food Trailers?

Each of these is going to be equipped just like any kitchen that you would use, yet on a scale that is more akin to a top-notch kitchen. You will have a prep table, typically 60 inches in length, by 30 inches in width, giving you plenty of room to prepare multiple meals. You will also need to have a commercial-sized refrigerator, as well as a freezer, allowing you to store all of the food that you will need to prepare. You also need to have a built-in exhaust hood that will work in conjunction with your stove or grill, something that is very necessary within these enclosed areas. The grill itself is also very important, often measuring a similar size to the table where you will prep all of the food. There should also be a bond warmer, deep fryer, boiler, and also a grill, plus a fryer may also be needed for deep frying certain types of food. They can even be used as a mobile cocktail bar.

Why You Should Get One From Airstream

Airstream is one of the top producers of catering trailers, not only because of their recognizable design but for all of the things that can be included with the interior setup. You will be feet away from every item that you could possibly need to prepare virtually any meal that you are offering on your menu. Some of these are large enough to contain an assortment of other items including a sandwich press, convection oven, and a griddle. You may also need to have a vertical broiler, one that can allow you to slowly and thoroughly cook different types of meat that you will use for sandwiches, and a variety of other meals that you can prepare quickly. Additionally, this is a well-known business, one known for their ability to back up all of the items that they produce. That is why you will see so many Airstream food trailers on the road today, used by successful people that only want to use the best.

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How To Find These On Sale

Locating these on sale is relatively easy to accomplish. It’s only going to take you a few minutes to find distributors that will have both new and preowned versions. When you are able to purchase these for a discounted price, you will not have to be concerned about the equipment that is included with each of the trailers. In some cases, you may also want to get one that is simply set up for installing all of the components that you will need in your kitchen. These will be priced accordingly, allowing you to pick and choose from the many different kitchen appliances that will be necessary to properly run your catering business. The fastest way to locate all of these trailers is to search online for catering trailers that are currently available for purchase. You will find several different models, some of which are going to be Airstream, and then you can pick and choose from them based upon their size and capabilities. Once you have found a couple of different sources for these catering trailers, you can then make an offer on the one that you would like to purchase.

Other Reasons To Get Airstream Catering Trailers

As you are looking at the different options that are available, you will quickly see that Airstream is one of the largest and most well-designed catering trailers on the market. In the largest models, you will be able to install at least one commercial fridge, freezer, pizza oven, and even include pizza prep tables. However, if you are preparing meals, make sure there is a convection oven, griddle, sandwich press, and a vertical broiler. Be sure to inspect the broiler grill if you have one, and the exhaust hood that is included, which means you should physically inspect these items before you make your purchase. That is why you will want to speak with vendors that are currently close by, allowing you to gain access to the interior. If it is used, learn the history of the prior occupant and owner of this Airstream catering trailer to make sure that it will be fully functional long after you make your purchase.

If you are an individual that enjoys catering for others, and producing fine food in a matter of minutes, consider obtaining an Airstream catering trailer. These are larger units, ones that are fully equipped to accommodate any chef or cook that can produce a wide variety of different cuisines. If you have a large menu, or if you are just starting out, this is a business that only produces the very best catering trailers. You will quickly find several for sale online, one of which will be in your price range, that will allow you to get on the road and start producing a living by creating meals for the general public.

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