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Benefits of Casement Windows for your Home

Windows can often be overlooked and an over-rated feature in a house, but they are important. The right windows in the home can be aesthetically pleasing and the wrong ones can sometimes turn into an eyesore. Owning your own home means maintaining the house and the windows are a part of this. Casement windows have become very popular in modern buildings. If you are considering replacing your windows, casement are a great choice and have many great benefits.

What are casement windows?

Casement windows are a convenient and contemporary type of window. It is a window sash that is hinged on one side only and will open inwards and outwards. They are a very popular window type in Ireland with a convenient design that they direct a lot of airflow through the house. The window lever openers can be fixed, side, or top hung. The most popular way is fitting the lever at the side which is on a hinge so you can open the window easily.


Types of casement windows

There are several types of casement windows but the best type for your home will depend on climate, cost, what your style is, and the construction of your home. The most common types of casement windows include:
1. Double casement windows
2. Single frame casement windows
3. Push out casement windows

Benefits of casement windows


Casement windows offer versatility and can be made and are suitable for every property style and materials including wood, aluminum clad, fiberglass, uPVC, vinyl clad, impact resistant, and much more. They come in various colour finishes to suit your homes aesthetic and can be tailored to suit precise sizes.

Superb Ventilation

There are few window types available that have the same ventilation as casement windows that is why they are more popular in bathrooms and kitchens. The whole window can be opened and extended to 90 degrees allowing a lot of fresh air through the house. The opening sash will act as a wind flap which can catch funnels and side breezes then direct them through the house. These windows are ideal for where buildings and homes are closer together which might prevent ventilation.

More Performance and Energy Efficient

Casement windows are known as one of the most energy efficient windows on the market. They provide the best possible seal against the outside weather. The locking mechanism of the window is in 3 places to the frame. The closing sash presses it into the window frame therefore it prevents low air leak rate. The design is trademarked and is both fitting for cold air coming in and warm air getting out inside the home.


Casement windows have a very tough lock mechanism which can keep any weather change out including snow, rain, and wind. They are designed with one glass pane rather than 2, so no air can pass through as there are no gaps present. With casement windows installed, your home will feel cosy and warm therefore keeping your bills lower essentially during the winter and colder months.

Clear views

If you have beautiful views around your home you want to enjoy them, that is why casement windows offer non-functional muntin’s which are the grid lines that feature on double hung windows. Casement windows do not feature these lines so you can enjoy your views non obstructed.

Optimum Security and Protection

They provide the best protection and security compared to other windows on the market. All 4 sides seal into the sash when the window is locked from the inside which makes the window a lot more difficult to break into. The window locks are a hooked shape and are embedded into the frame making it more difficult for a thief to open the window. You would have to break the glass to turn the lever and even that is difficult.

Double windows

Accessibility and Convenient

Casement windows open conveniently making it easier for a homeowner to reach through to clean and inspect them compared to other windows on the market. The lever crank makes it a lot easier to operate for people with a disability or an older person who might struggle with pushing open a window or closing one.

Elegant and Modern Designs

Casement windows not only look elegant and stylish in a home, but they are also very versatile and can match up with any architectural style in a home. They offer various styles meaning you can swing them inward or outward whatever suits your style and needs. You can choose various styles including double, single frame, push out, French, and even customised style casement window.

These windows are the ideal and great choice for a business or homeowner looking for a window that offers safety, energy efficient, safety, and durability. Install casement windows today for your peace of mind.

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