Best Educational Apps for Student Learning

Education is the Key to Success and is necessary for the better growth of children. People of any age should get an education no matter what and who they are. In the old days, getting an education was challenging because of a shortage of money, lack of convenience, and other reasons.

Now-a-days, kids spend their quality time playing games on tablets, phones, and other electronic devices due to COVID-19. For kids’ convenience, many educational apps are available that allow the kids to get an education from home without paying a single penny. It is easily accessible to anyone with the help of a strong internet connection. Some of the top educational apps are as follows:

  •  Khan Academy
  •  Coursera
  •  CBT Nuggets
  • Udemy
  • Skillshare
  • 360training
  •  Udacity
  • MindValley


Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a non-profit organization that allows students to get free education anywhere in the world. It is best for both the learners and the teacher. This platform offers instruction to people of all ages. It covers a variety of academic subjects, including math, grammar, science, and history. It assists teachers in determining where pupils’ knowledge is lacking and enables them to close those gaps.

It contains more than 10,000 video lectures and explanations. It provides mobile support for Android and iOS. It works best for kids of 4+ age, and it allows working offline. Students can also download the required content and watch the videos without an internet connection. It includes the features of Interactive Exercises, Coding, Gamification, Unit Testing, and many more.


Coursera is another education application that can deliver a massive range of courses for knowledge. It provides the facility of learning the education from anywhere the worldwide. It includes more than 2000 online courses for students who want to learn new professional skills innovatively. It can provide the course certification to all its students after course completion.

It is collaborated with leading universities and colleges to provide high-quality content and educational material. It includes the core features of Free Courses, Educational, Kid Friendly, MOOC, and many more. Students will be able to download their required videos and may view their content at their spare time.

CBT Nuggets

CBT Nuggets is an online training application that allows businesses to manage their learners and provides completion certificates to their students. It will enable their teaching staff to assign training for their students and create learner groups based on projects, regions, and teams. It helps track usage and can handle the quizzes within a centralized platform.

It has a built-in training library that helps its staff members to enhance their skills innovatively. Students will be able to track completed courses and can download their content without paying a single penny. Supervisors can quickly generate individual performance reports of students by using this platform. It includes the core features of course management, content management, and many more.


Udemy is the leading learning management software that allows businesses, teams, and non-profit organizations to learn the skill and achieve their goals. It contains almost 50,000 courses on practically 2000 different topics. It also offers paid online courses on software programming, yoga, photography, and many more.

It allows the users to monitor the activities of learners, and it also supports the API integration to streamline the single sign-on (SSO) processes. Different categories of books can easily be accessible by using this platform. It is commonly used in micro learning, training, course authoring, and many more. It includes the features of Progress Tracking, Course Management, Learning Management, etc.


Skillshare is an online learning website that teaches different online courses such as business, design, photography, music, and many more. Its online classes are on Skype and Zoom, and these video lectures will be uploaded to the website within a few hours. Students can download these videos easily and watch their content in sphere time.

It helps create live projects and can get additional feedback from the team of learners and experts. It is a cloud-based deployment module that allows users to track every aspect of the system quickly. It is commonly used in training and learning management systems. It includes the features of Activity Tracking, Course Tracking, Customizable Reporting, and many more.


360training is the largest online job training platform that offers courses for businesses. It is best for those companies that want to train their employees. It delivers effective training solutions to individuals and companies. It provides updated courses, their latest regulations, and special classes for government and private employees.

It contains all the daily life online courses that can quickly be adopted. It has all the information related to real estate and investment planning. It provides training solutions on different business solutions such as employing performance and progress. It includes built-in LMS, mobile learning, blended learning, audit management, ecommerce management, and many more.


Udacity is an educational app that includes all the material and details in the universe. It provides an amazing course span that allows users to learn from here without paying a single penny. It has an online tutor staff that handles all the queries of its students. The best part of using this application is that students will be able to operate this application offline.

The main goal of this application is to provide accessible, engaging, effective, and affordable education to the whole universe. It lets the students explore and reveal their inner capabilities related to art. It includes the core features of code learning services, online education services, free courses, and many more.


MindValley is another educational application that helps students connect with experts worldwide and share different knowledge and ideas through meetups, video calls, and chats. It provides simple learning of everything from courses with insider information. It has a professional and skilled support team for student guidance and shares multiple success stories for motivation.

It primarily provides personal development courses that help users improve their careers through personal growth. It helps organize live events and talks where talented and successful leaders may deliver their learning success tips and advice. It includes the features of Habit Tracker, Health Tool, Task Management, and many more.


The above-discussed article includes the best educational apps for the learning of students. It allows the students to learn the education without paying a single penny. It helps get an education by sitting anywhere in the world. In the old days, education learning was costly due to a lack of transportation, high fees, and many more.

With time, the trend of learning education has changed a lot. In the modern era, students can learn anything by using different educational apps. These educational apps are easy to use and easily accessible from anywhere in the world. This article discusses the best educational apps that help the audience choose the best educational app.

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