Best things to do in Dubai with kids

Dubai is known for its lavishness, luxury shopping, and prosperity. It attracts tourists from all over the world for its ultramodern architecture, nightlife, desert safari, and for a splurge. However, lesser is known about its being an ideal tourist destination for children. It has beaches, theme parks and water parks, rinks, autodrome, garden, and everything children could enjoy. If you don’t have enough information about the city, here are the best things to do in Dubai with kids.


Dubai Fountain 

The Dubai Fountain is one gigantic and beautifully choreographed fountain system in the world. It is 900 ft long built on the Burj Lake that stretches up to 24 acres with the iconic Burj Khalifa at the backdrop. To provide a visual appeal to the fountain, 25 color projectors have been installed that make the fountain colorful and radiant. Such is the gleaming power of the lights that you can view them from a distance of 20 miles. When the beam emanates light, the entire environs turn into a glittering, sparkling, and sunny spot, making it the most illuminated location in the city. Your children will refuse to leave this place unless the whole light show comes to an end. Of course, you too will never feel like moving away from the place.

Dubai Dolphinarium

Who doesn’t love dolphins? And when one gets to see them dancing and doing insane acrobatic acts from a close distance, then it’s nothing less than a magic. Your tykes will love meeting. touching, kissing, and hugging the lovable creatures of the ocean. There is a platform built from where kids can feel the dolphins without even getting wet. In case, they want to have a close encounter with them, then there are trainers and supervisors who can take your kids to a knee-depth water and get personal with the creatures.

Atlantis, The Palm

This hotel resort is known for its lengthiest and craziest water park in Dubai.  The slides are hair-raising, gripping, and frightening. Some of them will even test your daring, especially the 9-storey drop called ‘The Leap of Faith,’ Besides this, have an adrenaline rush by sliding with sharks through the shark lagoon. There are many adventurous water slides so rightly named and designed to offer heart-pumping rides. The Aquaconda is the largest slide replicating a mammoth sea serpent. This wild ride has many turns and twists that will hurl you through several dark tunnels before landing into a large tube made of fibre glass. The Zoomerango waterslide will help you experience the real meaning of gravity with its vertical rise and maddening speed.


Kidzania has several awards to its name for being the most entertaining and educational center for kids. Your children can fuel up their creativity and imagination, and may even decide what they want to be in the future. They can be a pilot, doctor, actor, engineer, and any one of the several respectable professions in the world. If you are the one who does not want to thrust your opinion on children, then do take them to this place and let them pick a profession of their choice.


Dubai Ice Rink

With enjoyment, and education, it’s time to hone up sports skill in your children. While children love to play any sport, allow them to pick a professional sport by taking them to the Dubai Ice Rink. Here, they can go skating and play hockey on a huge flat surface of ice. The rink is large and on the kind seen in the Olympic. It is a perfect spot to chill out and beat the desert heat. If you are afraid of injuries to children, then let the expert trainers help them enjoy the sports safely.

Metro Ride

Dubai has not built just expensive hotels and luxurious shopping malls, but has also provided equal attention to the transportation system. Your vacation is incomplete if you failed to take a ride the Dubai Metro. You will have your jaw dropped seeing stations with unique domed shaped and golden colored and driverless trains speeding from one location to another. The kids will enjoy the metro ride and the towering structures zooming in a lightening speed.

Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo

You will never experience ocean life anywhere else like here. You can go cage snorkelling and view thousands of marine species closely. If you want to have a thrilling experience, then try to feed the sharks under the expert guidance and assistance of professional and qualified divers. Take a walk in the underwater zoo and view the King Croc standing at a hand’s distance. The King Croc is the major attraction of the zoo and is so named because of its 750 kgs of weight and 5m of length.  The zoo is built under the aquarium where you can walk through the pedestrian tube and experience the underwater world.

Explore the Beach

Dubai has both artificial and natural beaches that are sparkling and in mint conditions. Your children will love building a castle or mansion with the sand, fly a kite, go cycling, jogging, etc. The famous beaches owned by private hotels and the government are Mamzer Beach Park, Jumeirah Beach Park, Russian Beach, Kite Beach, and Burj Beach.

Dubai Autodrome

If your tykes are fans of Formula One, then take them to Dubai Autodrome. This spot will help you sow the seed of car racing in your child’s mind. The indoor kartdrome is ideal for your children to try their hands on karting. There are experts who can accompany kids in the cars and provide a driving lesson.

Dubai Miracle Garden

This garden is nothing less than a marvel. Admiration and surprise will start oozing out of you at this place. We can bet you must have never seen enough colors in your life as you will find here. The garden is a fine assortment of over 45-million flowers of different varieties, and colors. There are several structures built using the flowers that will make you feel as if you are enjoying an art exhibition. Take a walk with your children under the ceiling of colorful umbrellas and feel like a royal.

As the day surges towards evening, and your stomach starts craving for something, then be spoiled by stepping into any one of the floating restaurants of Dubai and satisfy your hunger and soul. The experience of enjoying your dish and the beauty of the city while floating is unforgettable. It’s not only in the evening that you can dine and ride in a floating restaurant; you can also find a vessel and a barge in the daytime for lunch and a ride.

These were a few of the chosen things do in Dubai with your kids. Rest assured that your children will have the best of edutainment and vacation in this city.

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