Best Ways To Help You Learn English And Immerse Yourself Into The Language

We’ve all heard a thousand times that the only way to learn the English language is to completely immerse in the language and surround yourself with it wherever you go. As far as my opinion is concerned, this statement is one hundred percent true. Keeping that in mind, here are some of the quick and easy ways to help you immerse into the language so that you learn it easily:

# 1: Find some English language radio stations and podcasts in iTunes

There are plenty of podcasts available today on every subject imaginable be it entertainment, politics or news. A good way to find one is to look for a podcast offered by a TV channel. Figure out the one that appeals to you the most and listen to it where ever possible. This will help you train yourself in the language in the fastest possible manner.


# 2: Watch English language videos on YouTube at least a few minutes in a day

Most of the videos available online are so hilarious that they are really worth your time. In addition to gaining more understanding of the language, you will learn words and phrases that you are not familiar with. However, be careful as there are all sorts of strange things said and discussed on YouTube.

# 3: Talk and sing in English

When you are home alone or taking a bath, start talking to yourself! Sing songs in English and talk about the weather or other issues. Do this often and your pronunciation will improve dramatically – guaranteed!

# 4: Do you have an idol whose style of English you admire the most? Go to YouTube and watch all his / interviews in English

You can spend hours listening to the conversations and certainly you won’t be bored with this way of learning English as there is no study required. Indeed, it helps a lot.

# 5: Sit next to the people who speak English in the bus or in the park. Listen to their conversation

All you have to do is listen to the conversation happening around you and learn the way people speak English. Try to understand the maximum meaning out of the sentences they are using. Did they use any word you would want to look for in the dictionary or note down for further use?

# 6: Look for signs, advertising, billboard, kiosk and plant names

See and think about the meaning of the ads you see around you. How many words can you recognize? Did you notice that same word in other places? Try to make up a sentence using the words you see in ads.

# 7: Love music? Try to understand the words or lyrics of your favorite English song

Watch videos with lyrics on YouTube and sing along. Read the transcript to further build up your vocabulary. Listen to the clean version of the song and try to understand what “dirty” words were omitted. It is so much fun!

# 8: Watch TV clips, TV episodes or soap operas in English

It does not matter if you do not understand what they say, watch anyway! Try to understand why something is funny or sad. It may happen that a joke is associated with a word itself that you do not understand and does not make sense in your own language. In such cases try to find the best translation in your own language.

BONUS TIP: If you spot a new movie title, look up for the original title of the movie on

The movie title’s translation sometimes does not directly correspond to the original. Find out the real meaning of the original title. Ask yourself how the translation makes sense and try to figure out its relationship with the movie. You will never forget a new word whenever you associate it with the movie. Works every time!

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