What Should You Eat After Dental Work?

If you have ever gone for dental work, you can understand what it means to experience the after pain and discomfort. Irrespective of how simple the work was, it is always hard to feel normal and comfortable to eat a few days post the surgery. Dentists recommend sticking to soft foods that do not put too much pressure on the teeth to escape the pain. What you eat post-surgery can also aid in your recovery, and hence keeping the right foods in stock is necessary. Here are some simple foods you can include in your diet to ensure you go through an easy and comfortable recovery.


1. Ice Cream: You can neglect all your reservations about ice cream, whether it was about diet control, or about keeping a healthy tooth, and relish some yummy scoops. Soft-serve ice cream is the best choice post-surgery as it requires minimal effort to eat and has a numbing and soothing effect on the teeth and gums. The cool confection can ease inflammation of the gum area and elevate the recovery process. Remember to avoid crunchy toppings, chocolate chips, cones, waffles, or any add on that might require you to put additional effort to chew for long. While you can choose any flavor you like, try to keep them simple at least for the first few days to let the area of the surgery heal well.

2. Cold Soup: Placing warm foods at the right temperature can have a relaxing and soothing effect on the area of recovery. A warm soup, broth only, in lukewarm temperature can be a perfect choice not only to cherish a flavourful recipe but also to help you heal better. Soup is an easy form of introducing many nutrients into your diet, such as proteins that can speed up your healing process. Avoid using large chunks of meat or vegetables in your soup as it might be a discomfort to chew them. Instead, try clear soups, simple soup broth, or noodle soup for a healthy choice of recovery food.


3. Jell-O or Pudding: The bright colors and the fun flavors of Jell-O and pudding is our all-time favorite. These are also the perfect foods to have post dental work. These recipes are easy to whip up within a few minutes and have a long refrigeration life. Most of all, you can enjoy the lovely flavors while chilled that soothes the pain and helps you with your recovery. One can surf the net for a good dentist near me to consult for suggestions regarding dental procedures as well as the best foods to enjoy post-surgery.

4. Instant Oatmeal: Among the easiest, tastiest, and healthiest foods to eat after surgery, instant oatmeal can give you the satisfaction of enjoying a proper meal without having to worry much about chewing. The food is easy to flavor with syrup, milk, jam, sugar to create an enriching breakfast. It can also be mixed with simple vegetable stock to enjoy a wholesome and nutrient-rich meal. Make sure you cook the oatmeal to a smooth consistency as it helps consume it easily without having to chew. Avoid flavors that contain fruits or vegetable pieces, as it might make it difficult for you to eat.

5. Scrambled Eggs: A classy recipe to start your day, Scrambled eggs are the go-to food for your recovery post-dental works. The recipe is quick and easy to prepare and makes up for a healthy breakfast or snack with minimal effort. Make sure you add some milk to your recipe to make it plain and smooth to eat. Do not eat when the recipe is too hot to avoid sharp pain. Scrambled eggs are protein-rich and easy to make, making it a mandatory addition to your post-surgery foods list.

Scrambled Egg

6. Cottage Cheese: If you love your cheese, then post-dental works are the perfect time to cherish the best of times of eating all the cheese you can. The food is soft and packed with vitamins and minerals that can aid in proper recovery. It is creamy in texture and easy to swallow without chewing and is hence the most appropriate food to consume post a wisdom tooth surgery. You can incorporate it into your diet along with some smoothies or protein-rich drink to make your recovery efficient.

7. Smoothies: Smoothies are the best way to introduce the nutrients equivalent of a solid meal in an easy and fun form. These are easy to consume and come in versatile flavors. You can whip up a variety of ingredients together to achieve the nutrient requirements of your body easily using smoothies. And of course, all of this is possible without having to compromise the taste. You can add nutrient-rich ingredients such as protein powder, Greek yogurt, fruits, greens that can introduce the protein required by your body to go through proper recovery.

8. Avocados: Whether it comes to making a comfortable meal with its soft and smooth texture or making up a nutrient-rich profile for speeding recovery, Avocado is the perfect food to enjoy a tasty post-surgery meal. The creamy texture, complemented by the presence of vitamin C, K, and potassium, can help speed up the healing process. Mashed avocados make wholesome meals to enjoy any time of the day to keep you well-fed.


9. Bananas: Like Avocados, vitamin-rich bananas can also make a potent post-dental work meal. Bananas brim with nutrients such as manganese, folate, potassium, and other minerals that have incredible nutritional value. Mashed bananas or bananas in your smoothie can help you have a filling meal without having to stress about chewing.

Spicy and acidic foods can be irritating on the gum and mouth. Consuming them post-surgery could unnecessarily extend your recovery period. Hence stay clear of such foods for at least ten days post your surgery for a proper recovery. Avoid eating crunchy snacks for at least 15 -20 days post the surgery to eliminate stress on the teeth. Do not use straws as the sucking action might cause you to develop a dry socket. Be very careful about your brushing motions and ensure you go for a regular check-up to understand the progress of healing better.

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