Help Children Stay Protected with Proper Home Security Education

Home Security

When getting home protection, it’s important to keep the children just as informed as the adults. Learning about home security is not about putting fear into a child, but actually keeping them informed on the useful technology in the home.

Home Security Overview

When a home security system is installed or upgraded, it’s a good idea to give your child a tour of the home. During this tour, you should explain what the different home security elements do. This includes security cameras, motion sensors, and the main access box used to set alarms and input codes.

Answer any questions the children have and be patient during this process. You want be as clear as possible so that there are no misunderstandings. Sometimes it’s a good idea to have the child there for when a security professional is explaining the technology. They can have a better understanding when an experienced worker is explaining the process.

Home Security App Downloads

If your child is old enough to own a phone, then it’s a good idea to add a home security app to their device. Along with the parents, children can receive alerts when any alarms have gone off. This can help protect them or encourage them to get help if an emergency occurs. Once installed, it’s important to show the functions of the app so the child understands how to use it.
Home Security App
Smart Lock Installations

A lot of modern locks feature Smart Lock software. This means that doors can be locked and unlocked with a smartphone. Children are often forgetful, so this is an ideal feature to train children on. If a child accidentally leaves the doors unlocked, the Smart Lock system can secure the home and alert the parents. This works as a great system of checks and balances in the home.

Video Surveillance

Monitoring a home through motion sensors and video surveillance is a great way to gather evidence and keep track of suspicious activity. Modern security features computer access to video files, live feeds, and past alerts.

It’s important to explain to children the seriousness of a video surveillance system. The cameras cannot be tampered with or blocked from view in any way. Showing them the camera viewing application can help educate them on the protection that your home has.

Security Company Contact

Whether it’s a magnet on the fridge or contact information in a phone, it’s important to give children contact to the security company. If older kids are home alone and something occurs, having access to professional help is the best way to fix things.

Home Security Drills

Teaching children is often done best through experience. Once a home security system is installed, the best way to teach a child is through drills. Give children multiple situations. For example, if the alarm goes off in the home, what process does the child follow?

By practicing proper drills, it will prevent panic and keep everything going as smooth as possible.

Child safety is important and proper communication is one of the best ways to achieve the safest home settings possible.

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