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How to come up with the best Happy Birthday Wishes?


Whose birthday is it?
That is probably the most important question. Based on that we can begin thinking of making our happy birthday greetings. How well do we know this person? Are we close friends or just work acquaintances?
Whether it’s our mom or our best friend – we’d probably choose something that’s adequate.
We will go for different wishes depending who that person is. Something we could wish our good pal could be inappropriate to say to our mom.

How well do we know this person?
Is it someone who we’ve known for our entire life, or rather someone we’ve just met at work? That will determine what we want to say, how straight we want to be. Having more information about this person allows us to come up with more “touching” wishes. If that’s someone we know very well, then we know for a fact what they like, love or desire. We know what’s driving them, what they are dreaming of. We know about their goals and challenges. We can use this knowledge to surprise them and make quite an impression. Why not say something that no one else would think of? Wouldn’t that be nice to come up with something unique and original? I bet that would be better than another simple “happy birthday”.

What to say?
We already know that in order to come up with the best happy birthday wishes we need to keep in mind who that person is and how well do we know that person. These are the 2 most important key things to consider.
When we know them, we can expect or even know what they would love to hear from us. Sometimes it’s a simple “thank you” or “I am sorry” or “I love you”. Someone’s birthday is a very unique opportunity to speak freely. Speak from the bottom of your heart and words will flow automatically.
You can also surprise them, mention something they weren’t aware you know about. No matter what you do, make sure to make this person feel great and loved.

Finally, remember to always be sincere. Let those wishes come straight from your heart. Mean what you say. Take your time and put some feelings into it. Birthday wishes are just words, simple tools to deliver a message. That’s our feelings and emotions that make these wishes something more than just words. That’s why you should be passionate, engage your body, your voice. Make this person feel so special! They will love you for that. They will return the favor on your birthday too!

I hope you liked this short article. I hope you find it inspirational and useful. I enjoyed my time writing it down and I wish you feel the same when you read it and furthermore – I wish you to feel great about yourself when you deliver that birthday message for someone!

That’s just something worth keeping in mind. Just in case if someone happens to have a birthday!

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