10 Things To Know Before Buying A Pet Dog

Pet dogs are amazing animals and can be hard to resist. They are adorable, playful, loving, and quite irresistible. What’s not to love? This is why so many people buy puppies before they are ready for them and abandon them later. Many people do not understand the full-time responsibility that these adorable animals require and the challenges of owning one. Before buying a pet dog, there are several things that you should know and consider to see if it is a good decision to bring your furry friend home. Below is a guide on the top 10 things that you should know before getting a dog. Read on;

Cute Dog

• Make Sure You Want A Dog

Are you sure that you want a dog in your home, or do you feel the urge to get one because your neighbour has it? Dogs are adorable, especially in movies, and they look like the perfect pet for you. However, it is crucial to note that this is not all fun and games. They are quite expensive and can be messy. Your once tidy home will be no more since the pet dog will be running around all day. Also, the average life span of a dog is approximately 13 years, which means you have to be committed for the entire period. You will have to love them through their cute puppy stage, to their naughty teenage years and their golden years.

• Do Extensive Research

Before getting a pet dog, conduct deep-dive research into the dog breed that is best for you, the size and other factors. You will need to consider the size of your home, the surrounding area, and your family if you have other family members and children living with you. You need a dog that matches your lifestyle; for example, if you love relaxing indoors, do not get a dog that loves exploring the outdoors. Please do not pick a dog because of how they look, but consider the breed and personality.

• Exercise

Just like humans, dogs also need to exercise as they have lots of energy. This means that you will have to take your dog for walks or play with them often. It is, therefore, crucial to create time for exercise as it is vital to their overall health. Also, note that some pet dogs require more exercise than others; hence choose the one that you can handle easily.

Where To Buy The Dog

Adopting a dog is one of the best options when planning to buy one. Some shelters will allow you to foster a pet before adopting it to ascertain whether you are ready for the long-term commitment or not. Mixed-breed dogs are popular in local shelters and are a great option. If you want a purebred dog, then look for an experienced dog breeder. It is also recommended to avoid buying from pet stores as their animals come from puppy mills. Also, avoid buying from flea markets as these dogs are from unknown backgrounds and may not be healthy.

• You Will Need To Puppy-Proof Your Home

Dogs love to explore, and this will be no different in their new home. Therefore, you need to ensure that they will be safe to do so and not get hurt. You can do this by hiding all the visible electrical cords in the house and locking all cabinets that contain food and toxic substances. Also, ensure that your trash can has a locking lid and houseplants are kept high up where the dog will not chew the leaves. Also, keep your shoes and laundry out of reach as they may chew on them.

• Ask For Their Paperwork

Before buying a pet dog, it is crucial to see all their paperwork. Ask for proof of vet checks, pedigree papers and vaccinations, where necessary. These will show you the health status of the dog to ensure that you are not getting one that is sickly. Also, note that the puppy should at least be eight weeks before you take them home. So, do not buy one that is younger than that.

• Lifetime Costs

Dogs are expensive to take care of in the long run; therefore, it is crucial to ensure that you can sustain them. Their expenses do not end after the initial purchase, as you will need to ensure they are comfortable. There will be vet costs, food, and water, bed and collar costs. Between 6 and 16 weeks, your puppy will need numerous vaccines to ensure that they are healthy, which can cost you lots of money. You may also need to buy pet dog insurance in case of unexpected events in the future.


• Dog Training

If you get a puppy, you may need them to be trained professionally to prevent bad habits. You may do in-home training or take them to a puppy school. Dog training is crucial as it will ensure that your pet is well behaved.

• It Is Time Consuming

Having a dog is almost the same as having a child. You must be prepared to sacrifice lots of your time to cater to its needs. This may be something unexpected and different from what you are accustomed to. You have to plan on who will feed them, watch them, or bath them when you are not around.

• Find The Right Veterinarian

You will need to look for a well-experienced and skilled veterinarian in your locality. Get one before you bring your puppy home, as it will help smoothen the process. Ensure that they are reputable and highly skilled so that your puppy can be well taken care of.

Getting a pet dog is not something that you wake up and decide to do in five minutes. It is something that you need to be sure about and be ready for. These adorable and loving animals will be a great addition to the family, but only after you are prepared to devote your time to them. So, ensure that you are ready to add this amazing family member to your expanding family.


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