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Learn About IT Support and its Relation to HR!

One of the careers available in Information Technology is IT support. The people who perform this job are known as IT support technicians. They help organizations and companies to maintain their Information Technology (IT) infrastructure. They perform hardware and software support. This is where they troubleshoot, fix and maintain hardware components of the system such as printers, displays and keyboards. They also install software and keep it updated.

Some companies have a department for IT support. This department has staff that solves any IT problems that the other employees may face. In this capacity, the support technicians are part of the company work force. As a result, the human resource (HR) department administers them. A company can receive IT support through multiple ways. In addition to that, there are a number of types of IT support. Read on to discover more.


How do companies get IT support?

The most common way in which company employees get IT support is through first hand interaction. This is where they walk to the support department and talk directly to a technician. This is the most common method of attaining these services.

Another method through which the employees can get these services is through online interaction. There are external IT support companies that have websites. The employees can gain access to these websites and contact an IT support technician. They can send an email or begin an online chat to receive this service. The technician will guide the employees on how to fix their problem through step by step instructions. They may also fix the computer remotely using the network infrastructure.

One commonly used method of getting IT support is making a phone call. An employee can simply call an internal or external IT support technician. They will receive instructions on how to solve the problem themselves. In addition, the technician can fix their computer by connecting remotely. If these strategies don’t work, the technician can come to the employee’s location and fix their machine there. It is similar to how a plumbing technician can come over to install or fix the chrome traps in the office.

Varieties of IT support

There are multiple varieties of IT support. They include:

  1. Time and material support
  2. Using block hours
  3. Utilizing managed services

Time and material support

In this type, the client pays for the materials needed and the time that the support activities will take. They arrange a date and time for the support technician to come and visit the company premises. After that, they identify materials and calculate the hours required. Payment is then made.

Block hours

This is a pre-paid method that companies use to get IT support. They simply purchase a specific number of hours of support. In most cases, they buy these hours in bulk and therefore get a discount. After that, they can use the hours when they need some support over a specific period. It can range from months to a year.


IT support is a necessary investment for companies today. The technicians can be hired and then form part of human resource. As indicated above, they are an important part of the company workforce.


Jamie Simpson is an IT support technician. She has experience in fixing computers and the odd chrome traps. She made a valuable contribution to this report. Please visit this website for more details. 

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