Looking after your Body and Mind

You may be wondering about how you can positively change your life. Perhaps you seek to lose weight, become more active or simply feel healthier. Living a healthier life often requires some adjustments in various areas of your lifestyle.

The basis of good health includes making better lifestyle choices, exercise routines, diet and genetics. Since your control over genetics is limited, you need to focus on making changes to areas that are within your capabilities such as diet and exercise as well as other lifestyle aspects that will help you become healthier.


Health Care Professionals

Schedule an appointment with your doctor. One of the keys to improving and maintaining health is regularly visiting your doctor. Health care professionals can help and support you on your journey towards a healthier life. They can also inform you about what you should start or stop doing to preserve your health.

Talk to your primary care physician about your current health status and the things they can recommend to make you healthier. Visit your dentist as often as required for checkups and treatment. There are also other specialists that you may need to visit such as gynecologists and allergists.

Taking Measurements

Along with checking on your health condition with your doctor, there are also other ways to keep track of your health. Taking some measurements such as your weight and body size can provide valuable insight into how healthy your body is. Click here for ketogenic diet resource.

  • Weighing yourself will let you know whether you are close to your ideal and healthy body weight or should think about losing weight.
  • Another interpretation of weight and health is your waist size or circumference. A larger waist may indicate a high visceral fat content that can be hazardous to your health.
  • Your BMI is also an effective method of finding out whether your weight is healthy or not.
  • If you are worried about being overweight or carrying excessive weight, this is an area of your life that you can work on to be healthier.

Starting a Journal

Starting a journal is a good way to embark on a healthier life. Keeping a food journal, writing goals, tracking your goals and taking notes can help you determine the things you need to do and keep you motivated as you strive to reach your goals.

You can begin by taking notes on the information your doctor gives you or tracking your measurements. Write notes about your goals and the roles they will play in improving your health. This is a good opportunity to brainstorm some ideas and think about the different areas of your life that you can change. Note down your food choices as well to monitor your new diet patterns and stay on track.


A healthier lifestyle requires a lot of support. Establishing a support group provides you with the support you need for your goals, mental health and emotional wellbeing. An essential aspect of becoming healthier is your mental health.

Your support group will encourage you to achieve your goals. Ask family members, friends and colleagues to accompany you on your path to a healthier life. You may share certain goals like eating healthier, exercising more and losing weight.

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