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Quality System of Software Development

Quality software perhaps one of the most serious problems of the software industry. Quality – it’s much more than just the absence of errors. It involves a set of different characteristics: reliability, resistance to cracking, adaptability, interoperability, maintainability, portability, efficiency and so on. It is not surprising that in the software industry there is such a variety of quality standards.

Software development

The basis of the system construction of quality development is based on the following principles:

  • Focusing on customer needs
  • An active, leading role of leadership
  • Engagement and interest of artists in the process of improving the software development process not all new  it is forgotten old.
  • The availability of expertise and knowledge know yourself, tell others
  • The implementation of the process approach, splitting the project in the area of ​​responsibility and the establishment of responsible persons.
  • System approach to management of the programming process
  • Ensuring continuous improvement
  • Decisions based on facts
  • Price Quality

Costs for quality pays off in each project. Accumulating knowledge resulting from work on the same project, highlighting the repeated code of the programs in the shared library code, we increase the speed of development and reduces the degree of error.

Program quality product increases at each stage of the design process, firstly as a direct consequence of technological maturity and the process itself, secondly, due to the use of an intermediate product produced in the previous step – after the first stage product with basic functionality is shown to the customer. Specification requirements at an early stage of development prevents expensive changes at the end of the project

The quality of product is accumulated in the cumulative production at the complex way, and contributing to the quality, carried out in the early stages, it has a strong influence on the final product than in the final stages.

quality software development

Software development process

The software development process is constructed as to allow measurements of product quality. We are talking about the quality of the software product as a degree of satisfaction of the requirements.

This is achieved by organizing the software development process, in which, based on the requirements of the product provides for the creation of a test plan, the aim of which is to ensure the completeness of the testing of all approved claims.

On the basis of the test plan prepared test items, respectively, then the tests and test procedures. As a result the full testing of all requirements to the software.

The possible loss of quality occurs in the mismatch documents describing the requirements and implementation of the system. Therefore, a special Contra at intermediate points of the project leaders of the project are paying verifying compliance with the requirements for software and software products. The task of the project manager and testers and analysts to detect discrepancies and inform the participants of the development process.

The main task of the project manager – to ensure the integrity and consistency of all the actions and the desired results. This is particularly important for projects that have multiple development team. For example, the normal situation is the change in requirements or design solutions in the software development process; in this case, must be changed in stages and aligned all related developed by this time intermediates and design documents.

The development process is supported by the following tools:

  • Workflow System
  • Task Manager
  • Build Server

Modern methods of quality assurance development programs involve management of resources, compliance with the software development process, building a knowledge base, an increase in the degree of repeatability of code analysis and change processes within the company to meet current and future customer needs.

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I Rybalkina Julia  a graduate of Kyiv National Taras Shevchenko Institute of Philology, specialty Hindi language and literature, English. Spent a year in India  – living, studying. After it returned home and started working as a PR and marketing specialist in IT sphere.


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