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Quick and Effective Ways of Verifying Employees Past Employment

Before hiring a new member to join your team, it is a good idea that you conduct a background check on the employee first. Verifying the employees’ past employment is a very important part of the hiring process.

Through thorough background screening process, you will be able to get all the relevant information about an applicant’s work history as well as their experience on the previous jobs. It is also a process that most employers use to compare and confirm if the information on the job application and/or applicant’s resume is accurate.

An employment history background check also gives you the opportunity to ask the previous employers questions regarding your applicant.


 How to Verify an Applicant’s Work History

  • Via Email:

If you want to do the background check in house, then emailing the previous employers would be a great start. Send an email explaining you reason for reaching out and d not forget to attach all the questions you need answered in regards to the people you intend to hire.

  • Via Phone Call:

Unlike emails, you will get all the information you need faster. Call previous employers and ask them questions about your applicant’s performance, skills, strengths and weaknesses. By so doing, you will have a heads up on what to expect from you employees.

  • Outsourcing:

Believe it or not, you can actually call a specific company and leave all the work to them. This Do it Yourself verification process can be time and energy consuming. Therefore, a great majority of employees prefer a third party to do all the work and get back to them.

Why Hire the Experts to Run the Verification for You

Fact is, employment history checks are time consuming and they can be frustrating especially if the previous employers fail to respond on time. To avoid the frustrations, you should consider leaving everything to the experts. Here is why you should outsource the entire process instead of dealing with it in-house;

  • Outsourcing saves you time – The most important reason companies opt to outsource employment history verification or the entire screening process is to save time. As easy as The DIY aspect may sound, placing phone calls can be time consuming especially if the employers ask you to call back. Emails on the other hand may not give you a fast respond because whether we like it or not, there are certain individuals who never check their emails. To ensure that you get timely and accurate report, leave everything to the experts.
  • Outsourcing improves efficiency – One of the major reasons why employers seek to know their employees employment history is because they would love to have a competent and skilled team. Therefore, in addition to conducting interviews, you can outsource the applicant’s background checks as part of the screening process.

When it comes to hiring new people to join your team, you should never compromise on a candidate’s abilities, skills and experience. After all, you are looking to hire new employees for growth and success of your business, right?


Carter Johnsons is a freelance writer and a hiring manager at a locally based firm. Carter has been providing employers with tips on how to find the right employees for the job. For more on employment history background check, go to her blog. 

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