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Steps for Helping Your Child Start a Stamp Collection

Stamp CollectionCollections are a great way to express your personal likes and individuality. Starting a collection is also a great ongoing hobby that can create lasting memories. When you collect pieces for your collection, there will always be a story related to the find and your collection will be grander as time goes on. One of the most typical collections for people of all age to begin is a stamp collection.

One of the reasons that stamp collections are so popular is because of how many different stamps are made. Each year, different sets of collectable and historic stamps are released. Being able to collect many of these is a fun hobby to share. If your child is interested in stamps, here are some tips for getting started with a stamp collection.

Create a theme
It is easy to get overwhelmed when you are beginning any hobby. In order combat becoming overwhelmed with the sheer amount of choices, consider creating a theme for the first stamp purchases. Selecting only historical figure stamps, flower stamps, or any other specific theme will help you to narrow down which stamps to look for and how much each of them are worth. From there, you can grow and expand the stamp collection. Take a look at to get some ideas on what types of stamps are available and how to start out a collection.

Join a stamp collecting group
One of the best ways to truly enjoy a hobby is to find others with the same hobby to be friends with. If your child is just getting started, consider finding a stamp collecting group for kids for your child to join. There are a number of hobby groups located in person and online. Here your child will have others to compare collections with and can get some info on how to better find stamps.

Buy a place to hold the collection
Stamp collections can become valuable. For this reason, you need to have an appropriate place to keep the stamps. Stamps can be destroyed if they become wet or if they are exposed to too much heat. Some people keep their stamps in a special box, while others prefer to keep their valuable collection within a safe. No matter what you select, make sure the environment is dry and cool, so that stamps will not have any issues.

Also be aware that there are stamp covers that can be used to protect single stamps or rolls of stamps. Have many stamp covers on hand in order to immediately place any stamps inside of them once purchased. A collection that is kept in impeccable condition will also mean that your stamps increase in price over the course of time.

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