Ten Most Common Signs And Symptoms Of Crystal Meth Addiction

Crystal Meth is an incredibly powerful drug, whose chronic abuse can cause serious addiction problems and several other health conditions. People often abuse the drug due to its euphoric effects, which are the result of an increased production of dopamine and serotonin hormones in the body. If an individual consistently abuses meth, it may cause permanent damage to the brain, teeth and skin, along with other vital organs of the body. Keeping that in mind, here are 10 most common signs and symptoms of crystal meth addiction:

1. Weight loss

Weight loss is one of the more common signs of meth dependence. Meth addicts lose their appetite, which results in heavy weight loss and decline in overall health of the abuser.

2. Eye twitching

Meth addicts experience different side effects of Meth on their body. One of the more common side effects of Meth is continuous movement of the eyes. The eyes will twitch several times in a minute. It is often seen that the addict is not able to control his eyes until the detoxification is carried out on him.

3. Mood swings

Meth addicts might experience several psychological disorders, one among which is frequent mood changes. In addition, high doses of meth might cause permanent depression in many cases.

4. Repetitive behavior

Repetitive behavior is yet another sign of meth addiction. The addict might start exercising too heavily or he might want to sleep repeatedly, while not being aware of his surroundings.

5. Hyperactivity

Hyperactivity in an addict cannot be easily detected. The person might have already been hyperactive by nature, making it impossible for the doctor to distinguish hyperactivity caused by the addiction. Each time an addict gets his high, he might find himself very hyperactive and unable to stop moving. This is can be dangerous for both the addict and people around him.

6. Dilated Pupils

A dilated pupil is another sign of Meth addiction. This sign can manifest itself for more than 26 hours after the ingestion of the drug. Many of the abusers would want to wear sunglasses to hide their eyes from others if this symptom exists for an extended duration.

7. Body Odor

Meth addicts would smell harsh, and they will often sweat a lot. Their body odor is similar to that of the cat urine. The chemicals present in the Meth are responsible for such smell. When the person sweats, this smell becomes even more predominant.

8. Paranoid

Meth addicts tend to become very paranoid for absolutely no reason. They would often not want to step out in public and keep things to themselves.

9. Itchy skin

Itchy skin is one of the more uncomfortable signs of meth addiction. Meth addicts will have very dried-out and itchy skin. They would want to itch every now and then, all over their body. The itching is so bad that they can often scratch their skin to an extent that it gets broken and blood is drawn.

10. Meth mouth

Meth mouth is actually a phrase for meth addicts who suffer from dental cavities and other mouth related problems. Meth can cause your teeth to turn black and even fall off. The addicts could likewise have very red and sore gums. Such mouth problems will likely cause greater weight loss, as it will be very hard and painful for the addict to eat or drink anything properly.

Meth might cause serious harm to the body. It might eat away your brain and cause loss of motor skills and memory. If you have someone in your family suffering from meth addiction, it is important to gather courage and get the support that is needed.

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