The Benefits Of Using CPC Trained Vehicle Recovery Company

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Certificate Of Professional Competence or CPC is a driver qualification for heavy vehicular drivers such as coach, professional bus and lorry drivers. This certification was initiated in Europe with the goal of enhancing road safety and maintaining excellent standards of driving.

According to research, over one third of all road accidents involve individuals who are at the wheel during that time. This accounts for over 25 fatalities and over 260 serious injuries every week. Most other incidents take place due to lack of attention and distraction, in addition to failure in observing highway codes and regulations. Effective management of work-related road safety is greatly helpful in cutting down the dangers of road accidents and can also result in lesser injuries to drivers, reduced dangers of work-related health disorders and reduced stress as well as enhanced morale.

Since most road traffic accidents caused these days by large vehicles such as trucks and buses take place because of hazardous vehicles and unsafe driving, the driver CPC was introduced across Europe to prevent such occurrences. To maintain the standard of safe driving, the legislation of driver CPC was brought into effect in the United Kingdom in September 2009.

Under this directive, professional large vehicle drivers must be qualified with a certification of driver CPC in addition to a driving licence. There are a series of qualification tests, both practical and theoretical that needs to be passed by new drivers in order to obtain their driver CPC. In addition, the qualification test must be followed by over 35 hours of regular training every five years if the qualified drivers want to maintain their driver CPC.

All qualified drivers with CPC qualification must plan their journey as practical without jeopardising road safety. Drivers are taught on how to practice good forward planning, as well as time spent on investigating safe-stopping and parking vehicles, which it can be extremely beneficial for the driver and the company involved. In the interest of road safety, companies must ensure that the system is put in place in order to regularly assess drivers whenever issues or infringements come into light, so that these can be discussed and suitable training and information can be provided to such drivers and where necessary, penalties can be imposed.

It is important to note that the general public views the driver as the face of a transport business. Hence, if a company is looking to hire the right driver, a meticulous selection of a driver, with the right qualifications and certification, can be highly critical to one’s business. By constantly reviewing and improving a driver selection and recruitment process, one can ensure that are problematic driver or a driver who can become a liability for a fleet, does not take place.

Hiring the right CPC Trained Vehicle Recovery Company can greatly help in reducing hazardous incidents and road accidents, reducing driver turnover, enhancing driver satisfaction, improving customer satisfaction and increasing the profitability of a business. A driver who has received the driver CPC training and qualification will be able to drive more safely than a driver without any kind of proper training and will be able to function more effectively than an untrained driver. In addition a trained CPC driver is also crucial in contributing to one’s overall profitability, while providing the right customer service and most importantly contributing to the positive image of the transport business.

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