The importance of Criminal Defense in our country

Criminal Defense in our country

As a criminal law professor, I have been asked a number of times why this branch of law is so important. It always surprised me that the importance of something like this was being questioned! However, I have now understood that not everyone is as crazy about criminal law as I am, and they may very well be asking a relevant question. The fact of the matter is that Criminal Defense is extremely important to our country and how it functions. The United States of America promises equal justice to all and without representation of people who have been charged with criminal offenses and conduct, how would it be possible to promote justice?

The job of criminal defense attorneys

It is the job of Florida criminal defense lawyers to represent those who have been charged with crimes in court. The range can be quite a lot; from a simple misdemeanor to a felony. With punishment ranging between small fines to being jailed for life and even death, a Miami criminal defense lawyer has a lot riding on his shoulder. If you or a loved one has been charged with a crime, getting the right representation is essential. The Constitution of our country promises that everyone charged with a crime in the United States will be represented in court. Going for a private Miami criminal defense lawyer is a lot better than a Public Defender provided by the government. A Public Defender is usually the last recourse for people charged with a crime.

Criminal defense: Not a matter for laypersons to handle

The purview of criminal defense is so huge and complex, that it is not possible for a layperson without the right training to handle on his own. If you have been charged with a crime, do not make the mistake of thinking you can represent yourself in court. That is just not a good idea! Criminal law is complex with a lot of state and Federal legislation to understand. In fact, each of our states often has their own definitions and punishments for crimes and it is impossible to get in the thick of things unless you have been educated as a lawyer. Getting criminal defense in Miami such as the one provided by the law firm of RTR Criminal Defense Law Firm is a great idea.


If you think that you are going to be charged with a crime, getting a good Miami criminal defense lawyer for pre-trial is a great idea, especially if you are expecting a felony charge. Pre-trial is the time when investigation is conducted and before an individual is actually charged. A good lawyer will train you how not to give away any information that could be incriminating and also help you start building a case for yourself. He can even get your charge dismissed.

At trial

This is when you need a lawyer the most. The trial period is very important because this is the time when you need a good and aggressive defense strategy. From plea bargains to jury selection, this is the part of a criminal defense that has been popularized by all the legal dramas on television!

Make sure that you go for the best lawyer you can afford if charged with a crime.

By – Granner Smith

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