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The Reasons for the Perfect Aroma and Towering Cost of the Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee


People often search for the answer to the question “Why Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee tastes so good?” In that case, this article can help their search and give somewhat relaxation to them. Many are also searching for the valid reasons for their high cost. Both the questions are inter-linked with one another and here you will get the legitimate answers to these questions. So, let’s begin our journey.

Why It Taste So Good?

The Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee beans are cultivated at the high altitudes, surrounded by mists and lush vegetation giving the plants a perfect place to grow. The chilly surrounding, cloudy environ and highly fertile soil of the Jamaica mountain is offering suitable climate and weather conditions for growing up these coffee plants. The richness of the soil and high altitudes along with the chilly yet cloudy weather making the perfect blend for cultivating the purest forms of these coffee beans.

The climate is cooler in the mountain areas excluding the rest of the Jamaica locale. Due to heavy cloud coverage, sunlight couldn’t fall on the coffee cherries perfectly, which results in slowing down the coffee cherry development. Therefore, it is giving the Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee ample time to reach its maturity level. The long maturation is offering very positive effect on its aroma and taste.


Jamaica region has some of the most productive and richest soil in the Caribbean but lacks behind in the Blue Mountains. The soil, at there, is available with the igneous rocks and metamorphic that is good for prone and porous to leach, but fails to fulfil the demands of nutrition, especially nitrogen and phosphorous. These are the reasons that act together to grow the coffee beans slowly, but giving the people the richness of the perfect taste and aroma. These are the things that mutually responsible for the divine taste of these coffee beans.

Reasons for Their High Cost:

  • First, the total amount of coffee beans produced in the Jamaica Blue Mountain is relatively low as compared to others
  • Second, the conditions for growing the Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee are exceptional and only one of its kind
  • Third, ploughing and picking up the coffee beans is a laborious task and requires lots of finances
  • Fourth, Maintaining the quality of the coffee beans requires knowledgeable workforces and many specialized activities
  • Fifth, for giving richness to the customers, many fine quality machines are needed to be installed for maintaining the aroma and genuine taste of the coffee cherries


So, these are the facts that describe the prime reasons for these coffee beans towering cost. The Jamaica is not only the place where these coffee beans are grown and cultivated. Instead, people can cultivate and harvest them in all the high elevation regions where the coffee plants can get the chilly and lush vegetation for helping them to grow. Remember, high altitudes, nutrition full soil, sun rays and cold weather conditions are making these coffee cherries the perfect king of the coffee world.

Author Bio: Austin Baines is a coffee expert roaster and he offers good tips and advice about Kona Coffee, Blue Mountain Coffee, Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee, Arabica Coffee and Coffee Beans. He   always looking for new and something different to do in coffee taste.

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