Tips for Diabetes Friendly Diets

Diabetes brings about a change in our life style which can be difficult to adjust at first. The major effect of diabetes is on our food habits. Most diabetes patients have a hard time coping to the fact that they have to avoid their favorite foods. But the truth is that, diabetes patients need not change their foods or stop consuming their favorite foods. But rather, the way of preparing the foods and ingredients used are only needed to be changed. All you needed to know are some tips and tricks in kitchen which will help to enjoy your favorite foods just like before. Also you don’t need to be a master chef to apply these tricks, all you have to do is to be extra careful while preparing your food. So here are some tips which will help the diabetes patients to enjoy tasty, healthy food.


Healthier Cooking Techniques

The most important point while cooking a diabetes diet is to use non frying methods of cooking. Instead of frying or sautéing, you should try stir frying, baking or poaching. In fact, baking and poaching requires no cooking oil at all. Stir frying is also an easy method in which you just need to heat just a small amount of oil in a wok. After that, add fish, chicken or lean meat and when it is almost done, add your veggies and cook for some more time.

Cut Down Fat 

The usage of fat should be considerably reduced for preparing a diabetes diet. Replace saturated fats like butter and lard with olive oil or canola oil. There are also other substitutions for fat like skim milk instead of whole milk, fat-free cream cheese instead of regular varieties and fat free plain yoghurt instead of sour cream. The fat based toppings also should be avoided and can be substituted by lemon or lime.

Sugar Substitutions

It may not come as a surprise that when preparing a diabetes diet, you should be careful about the sugar content. With a little creativity, most sugar free recipes can be made tasty as the norma recipes containing sugar. Try including various artificial sweeteners like Splenda (sucralose), to limit the use of sugar in recipes. While baking, try sweet spices like ground cinnamon or add vanilla extract instead of using sugar. Try limiting the use of canned fruits as much as possible, instead use fresh or frozen fruit.

Limit the salt

When preparing a diabetes diet, limit the usage of salt. Instead of salt, flavor your foods with herbs and spices. Ro slash the amount of sodium, use garlic salt. If the usage of regular salt is needed, use sea salt as most sea salts contain slightly less sodium than regular than regular table salt. Also if a recipe need on table spoon salt, use half table spoon salt and substitute fresh herbs for the missing salt, your food will turn out to be more delicious. 

Opt for whole grains

Refined grains such as white bread, white rice and white pasta are not good choices for a diabetes friendly diet. This is because much of the glucose friendly fibers will be removed during the refining process. Fiber helps in maintaining blood sugar levels by releasing glucose at a steady rate whereas refined grains can make it soar. So substitute brown rice instead of white rice, whole grain bread instead of white bread and use whole grain spaghetti while preparing your diet.

Use cheese wisely

Cheese is loaded with saturated fat that can cause your calories to soar. However, if wisely used even diabetes patients can enjoy a healthy diet containing cheese. Opt for strongly flavored cheese like sharp cheddar, blue cheese or feta instead of mild cheddar, American or Swiss. The stronger flavor ensures limited amount of cheese which results in fewer calories and saturated fat.

Control on portion sizes

Huge portions of foods that are rich in carbohydrate can leave your blood sugar levels and weight soaring high. To prevent the weight gain and high glucose levels, cut down your portion sizes. Always resist the temptation to consume king size portions.

Preparing a healthy diabetes diet is a challenging task. Transforming the traditional methods and ingredients is always difficulty to employ. However ensuring a safe and healthy diet is fruitful endeavor and can let you to lead a happy and healthy life without the worries and insecurities of diabetes.

Author Bio : Jenny Thompson is a personal trainer who has been training individuals and groups for a past few years. She says that the best way to avoid getting diabetes is taking better care of yourself. She writes about fitness, training courses and leading a fit and healthy life.

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