Is it a Good Idea to Trade in Bitcoin Using your Android Smartphone?

No doubt that almost everyone has a smartphone in their pocket and using this device, you can do almost everything which wasn’t possible without a computer. From editing videos to trading online, everything is easy. You can find many people trading in the stock market, shares, and cryptocurrency also. The recent trend of trading in Bitcoin using an Android smartphone is rising but is it a good idea? Is it safe? Can you trade efficiently with your smartphone?

Well, there are a number of questions about trading from a smartphone but the answer is a pseudo yes. There is no doubt you can trade using your android smartphone and it can easily help you earn money. But there is slightly less efficiency that you get with a computer. There are a number of Bitcoin trading apps for an android smartphone which can provide a similar interface to software which is used in computer for trading purpose.

Bitcoin in smartphone

To understand the usability, here are some of the points about What You Get vs. What You Miss while trading using your Android smartphone –

What do You get?

Most of the points mentioned below are what you get or similarities that you get with a Bitcoin trading apps available on a smartphone.

  • Quick Access – Everyone has a smartphone and using it for trading means you can trade from anywhere. You just need a working internet connection to get started and trade with ease.
  • Plenty of Options –You can find a range of Bitcoin trading apps for a smartphone which can help to get all the advantages. All these apps are verified and registered so there are negligible chances of facing any issues. Make sure that you choose a cryptocurrency trading app based on its reviews, credibility, interest rate, and terms of use.
  • Easier UI –Interface in the Bitcoin Trading Apps feel like the best thing so far. Using a computer to trade require lots of technical specialties. But smartphone apps are easy to use with a simple interface for the higher rate of convenience during use for sure.
  • Similar Features – All the features like putting a cap on the amount, getting the latest Bitcoin-related news, graphs, and many other features are available in such apps which make it easy for everyone. With that said, you can learn about almost every feature with the quick guide given with the app and some internet videos online.

These are some of the obvious things which make android Bitcoin trading apps better than others. If you want to make money out of Bitcoin trading then these features will come in handy for sure.

What You Miss?

Smartphones are getting better but they still lack a few of the functionality that you can get with a computer. Below mentioned are a few of the things that you miss while trading with the use of an Android smartphone –

  • RSS Feed – Traders use RSS feed to get the latest news about Bitcoin so that they can trade a little better from others. As you compare it with a smartphone, using two apps at the same time and trading feels a little bit typical. The game of trading is about the right timing and every single second matter.
  • Efficiency – Computers have a better processor and it provides better efficiency while trading. Opening plenty of tools to get news, the latest values, and other aspects can help with efficiency. This is the major reason that most of the traders use computers or laptops.

Apart from these factors, you can’t compare a large laptop display with an Android smartphone. Well, if you want something efficient, but less than a computer then getting an iPad or Android tablet can come in handy and it can provide a great advantage while trading with ease.

Smartphone in hands

The Final Verdict

Going through all the important aspects like what you are getting with an android trading app vs what you miss can provide a little insight. Anyone can start trading using an android smartphone and it is the key advantage. You won’t have to buy expensive gears and it reduces the cost of getting started with trading. We hope that this guidepost will help you learn more about Bitcoin trading with an Android smartphone.

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