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Why Do You Need to Install Under Floor Heating System for Your Home, During The Winter Months?

Almost all countries of the world have fluctuations in weather pattern, but the winter season is quite common and during the chill winters, if you install under floor heating or the hydronic heating system, then you can save a lot on your energy bills or on the monthly utility bills:

  • Under floor heating us done with the method of convection, by installing water pipes under the floor.
  • They do not cause any internal pollution or suffocation.


What are the benefits of under floor heating system?

  • This heating system is made to keep the home and office warm, without causing any harm to the environment.
  • Under floor heating processes comprise methods of conduction. Radiation and convection to achieve thermal comforts inside the area required to be heated up.
  • Radiant heating and radiant cooling are the terms that are usually used to imply the concept of under floor heating as radiation is primarily one of the main contributors of thermal comfort. This fact holds true only if the radiation comprises more than 50% of the heat exchange between the floor and the rest of the space.
  • Under floor heating is a technique that has been followed for ages now. History is testimony of the discovery of smoke emanating from the homes from the covered trenches and these trenches were put in the floors of the humble dwellings. This was to safeguard against the unsympathetic cold. The hot smoke was able to heat the stones and the heat gradually encapsulated the living spaces. These have evolved into modern concepts with the use of fluid filled pipes and electrical cables.

Evolution of the Under Floor Heating Systems

  • Under floor heating has been playing its part from the early ages and it has been successful in its endeavor to ward off the cold. These systems have evolved from covered trenches to modern fluid filled tubes and pipes, designed to keep the whole house safe by the means of radiation.
  • Modern under floor heating systems use the hydronic pipes system that comprise of the fluid filled pipes or they use the method of electrical resistance which are also known as the electric systems.
  • These above mentioned systems can be localized floor heating or can be spread through the floor.

What are hydronic systems?

For heating and cooling purposes, hydronic systems must be used. The former system is not comprehensive enough to provide both heating and cooling purposes at different points of time.

  • Hydronic systems and electric systems are suited to snow or ice melting for walks, driveways and landing pads, football and soccer fields turf conditioning and for the prevention of frost occurrence in the freezers and the varied skating rinks.
  • There are different floorings in modern days. Advent of technology has brought about variety in the flooring make, texture and the quality at large. All floorings cannot be heated by the same heating systems.


Space Heating and Cooling – Hydronic Systems – A Brief Overview

  • Hydronic piping can be cast in a floor slab and can be kept under the floor covering. These are known as the poured flooring system, wet system and the dry system.
  • Sub floor system or the dry system entails a method in which the heating elements are directly attached to a wood sub floor.
  • Some commercial buildings take the advantage of thermal mass that undergoes heating or cooling and this happens during the off peak hours. The utility rates are much lower during the off peak hours. The room temperature drifts up and down to suit the comfort range the whole day using this system.

There are a number of under floor heating specialists who can be consulted with, to get the heating system and its benefits according to the size of your room, and according to your budget.

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