Why Glasgow Is a Good Choice For Shopping

GlasgowChoosing travel destination in the UK, we want to find a place where it is possible not only to spend time exploring the major local sights, but also to enjoy a top-quality shopping.

Perhaps, you can say that it is difficult to find a more appropriate place for that than London, but within recent years another British city, Glasgow, has also gained a great popularity among the true shopaholics: lots of inveterate tourists who have visited Glasgow unanimously affirm that this city can really compete for the best shopping-spot in the whole UK.

Without a doubt, it looks pretty convincing, but is it true or not? Well, let’s find it out right now.

What can you buy in Glasgow?
As you know, Glasgow is one of the main Scottish destinations. Therefore, the most frequently purchased goods are the traditional woolen kilt and Scotch whiskey.
Those who have a passion for music can buy the main national musical instrument of Scotland – the Highland Bagpipe.
Glasgow also offers high-quality crafts, as well as unique interior decorations including carpets, curtains and blankets.
As for clothing, you’ll be able to purchase scarves, gloves, mittens, outerwear and footwear of very interesting design.
The city also has a huge number of souvenir shops, where you can find nice gifts in the memory of your trip.

What are the prices in Glasgow?
Actually, the prices in Glasgow’s shops are one of the most democratic throughout Scotland, much lower than in Edinburgh and especially – than in London. Autumn and winter periods are the best time to enjoy huge discounts in Glasgow.

How can you save more in Glasgow?
As many other cities of the UK, Glasgow provides a system of VAT refund (Tax Free). To use “tax free” you should ask a special coupon immediately after completing your purchase. Then upon arrival at the airport you need to find a “Global Refund” counter and submit your receipts. So, about 15% of the total cost of your purchases will be refunded to you.

Terms of the VAT refund in Scotland:
– The minimum purchase amount is 30£;
– You should have a passport and a special Tax-Free form, filled in the shop (with seals and signatures).

What are the major shopping spots in Glasgow?
The most popular destination for shopping in Glasgow is the so-called Golden Z, which is formed by pedestrian streets of Buchanan Street, Argyle Street and Sauchiehall Street. There you can find both budget shops and boutiques of famous top brands offering clothing, footwear, accessories and jewelry from all over the world.

If you’re searching for souvenirs, you can turn to the Bath Street and Hope Street, which is full of small gift shops. In addition to traditional and quite familiar cards and magnets, you’ll find lots of interesting and unique things there.
Among the stores where you can buy trendy and stylish wardrobe items are world-known Cruise (designer clothing for men and women), Karen Millen, Shun (quality footwear), Ella Bulloch (elegant hats) and A Pampas Lingerie (underwear).

Those who prefer to find “all at once”, it’s recommended to visit any of Glasgow’s trade houses. The largest are Braehead, Silverburn and Glasgow Fort.

Savoy Shopping Centre and the Forge Shopping Centre are also worth a visit – they offer the best prices for clothing in the whole city.

If you are afraid of losing your daytime because of the extensive sightseeing, it makes sense to make your purchases in the Department Store House of Fraser – the only one 24-hour clothing store in Glasgow.
In addition to various shops, Glasgow is also famous for its markets. So, one of them

– is Barras. Located between Landon Road and Gellou Gate Street, it attracts thousands of curious shoppers a day.
And finally, fans of the arts and antiques can set off to one of the galleries of Glasgow

– Art Exposure, Glasgow Print Studio or Heritage House.

Well, to make a conclusion, let’s recount all the advantages of Glasgow in terms of shopping:
– A huge variety of goods suitable for any taste;
– Reasonable prices, which are often much lower than in the other major UK cities;
– Discounts and an ability to refund up to 15% of your money via Tax Free system;
– A wide variety of shops: from the usual markets to huge stores and shopping centers.
Shopping in Glasgow is not as popular as for example in Milan, but year by year it gains the recognition of more and more people. Walking through the numerous shops and markets, you can both make purchases and find out more about unique Scottish traditions.
If you want your shopping tour in Glasgow to be easy and memorable, we recommend you to use a rental car, which is a very convenient solution for getting around the city.

Author Bio: Lily Berns tries to provide readers with useful info regarding their travels. She likes to find special places for pleasant vacation in Italy.

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