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10 Tips For Maximizing Space In Your Home

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Smaller homes are popular for a variety of reasons these days. They leave much smaller carbon footprints, are easier to keep clean and maintained, and can save homeowners significant sums on utility costs. They aren’t without their problems, however — the major issue that most people have with them is that there simply isn’t enough space. Here are 10 ways to maximize the space in apartments, small houses, as well as in their larger counterparts.

1. Buy a Smaller Bed

Unless you share a bed with a partner who is always crowding your side of the bed at night, getting a smaller bed will leave you with lots of extra room in your bedroom. Buying a bed with drawers underneath it will provide you with more storage space. Or you can use bed risers to create storage space under your bed.

2. Use a Sofa or Murphy Bed

Either one of these will allow your bedroom to double as a den or as general living space. These are particularly convenient if you live in a studio house or apartment.

3. Install Wall Mount Shelves

These are great storage options for anything from books to home entertainment items such as flat screen televisions. They also provide you with a place to display decorative items and mementos such as trinkets and photographs. Best of all, you don’t need to be a skilled carpenter to install these correctly.

4. Get a Storage Unit

Renting a household storage unit is an excellent way to give yourself more space in your home. You can store extra furniture, seasonal items such as holiday decorations, and any type of household goods and accessories in these. Choose one that’s close to your home so that you can easily retrieve items that you need.

5. Buy a Shoe Organizer for Your Closet

An over-the-door shoe organizer will not only give you more room for your footwear, it’ll keep your shoes in better shape than simply leaving them on the floor.

6. Buy a Rotating Rack for Your Closet

A round, rotating rack will give you extra room to hang your clothes and makes good use of that otherwise empty corner in the closet. It’ll give you more space in the rest of your closet for other items.

7. Hang a Separate Rod for Purses and Scarves

One of the most important factors in maximizing available household space is organization. Having a separate rod for hanging purses and scarves will keep them all together instead of being placed wherever is available and convenient, and you’ll also be able to find what you need more quickly this way.

8. Make Friends With Storage Containers

These are invaluable items that can save you lots of space, especially if you get the stackable kind. Buying clear ones is advised because this will allow you to see what’s in each one at a glance.

9. Get Smaller Living Room Furniture

Large, overstuffed couches and chairs are just going to make a small living room look and feel cramped. Opt for smaller pieces for small rooms.

10. Wage a War on Clutter

The best way to win the war on clutter is to keep your battles small. Go through your home once a week and remove any items that has the potential to become useless clutter. This way, you’re never faced with a large amount of it.

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