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4 Clever Organizing and Storage Ideas

Home Improvement

Home organizing and storage are forever hot topics in home decorating. Since the society is changing, the ways and tricks of the home organizing and home storage are updating. Have a look for the following clever organizing and storage ideas that people get through the daily practice.

Take advantage of the hooks and hangers

Hooks is not only used in the wardrobe any more. You can see them everywhere around the home. And it brings us a lot of convenience. The first place we should use hooks is the entry place. We often place shoe cabinet here. To add more function and make the home organization better, you may put hooks to this place. They can be used to hang coat, ties, scarves and even the bags! In this way, you would not put stuff so randomly. You can even use them to hang shoes.

Make full use of the wall shelf

Wall shelf can be much helpful to the home organizing and storage. From one aspect, it adds more storage space to home. You can put books, your collections, small widgets and daily used items in the wall shelf. From another aspect, it adds something to the empty wall. All the items you put in the wall shelf can be changed so that it can bring more color to the space. The most important point is that it saves a lot of space.

Apply baskets and cans into home

Baskets and cans can store a lot of items once a time. Therefore, if your home has a lot of interspersed items, then you should apply the baskets into your home. They do not take up too much space and can contain a lot. We often use baskets to collect the out of season shoes, the clothes and the books that have already read. For the cans, they are often used in kitchen to hold the seasoning, cookies and sugar etc. you even can tint them color and put them on the shelf for decorating purpose, which works as well.

 Make home unique by racks

In recent years, the racks are getting more and more popularity. Not only for its space saving and cost effective, can it add more color to the space. Take the cloth rack for an example. In the past years, people use wardrobe to collect all the clothes. With the help of the clothes racks, you are not only able to pick out a suit of clothes in seconds. You can show off the color of the clothes to the home. In this way, you add more bright and cheerful colors to your space so that your home will be different from others. Learn more info about the nursery wall decals here: http://www.melodyhome.com/blog/nursery-wall-decal-777/

By: Gaurav Verma

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