3 Important Lodging and Accommodation Tips for Thrifty Travellers

Lodging and Accommodation TipsLodging and travel accommodations are cheap and plentiful across the globe, and you don’t need to burn a hole in your wallet for expensive hotels. There are a number of affordable options to get a sound night’s sleep while travelling on the road. Unfortunately, one of the largest myths circulating among travel and adventure circles is that one needs to be extremely wealthy to globe trot around the world. On the contrary, travelling can be highly affordable, especially when one uses alternative forms of lodging or accommodations for an overnight stay.
It is important to note that staying in a particular place is only expensive if you want it that way. A good deal of fancy and boutique hotels have large budgets to splurge on marketing and advertising. Hence, we are under the assumption that the only options out there are the fancy hotels that we see advertised and splashed across magazines and newspapers. On the contrary, there are a host of budget places to lodge in and sleep comfortably when travelling.

Here are some alternative forms of overnight accommodation and lodging that you could look into, the next time you decide to backpack around the world.

1. Backpacking hostels.
Considered to be an extremely popular option for the well-travelled adventure seeker and the budget minded traveller, backpacking or backpacker hostels come as cheap as $ 10 or $ 20 per night. On an average, a backpacking hostel room can accommodate anywhere from 5 to 12 individuals, and are often sparsely yet cleanly furnished with bunk beds. Some backpacker hostels also offer personal lockers to secure individual belongings. Some others also offer basic breakfasts along with their overnight lodging packages. One of the biggest advantages of staying in a backpacker hostel is the highly conducive social atmosphere and the opportunity to interact with fellow travellers from around the world. In addition, large living areas and communal kitchens also help in fostering interactivity and camaraderie amongst different travellers.

2. Guesthouses.
Backpacking HostelsA no-frills budget hotel or a guesthouse offers a basic, yet affordable room without the frills or added perks that come along with a fancy hotel. In comparison to a backpacker hostel, a guesthouse provides a private room that is decently sized without much social interactivity. Of course, for such exclusivity the price is higher than that of a hostel, and kitchens or breakfasts may or may not be included. Also, the quality of a guesthouse can depend from place to place and is usually priced from $ 20-$ 50 per night. Guesthouses are available in plenty in various parts of the world. However it is important to check the room first and ensure that the doors and windows are safe and secure before you book a room in a guesthouse.

3. Short run apartments.
Short Run ApartmentsAlmost every city has some form of a short term or short run apartment that usually works for travellers who are seeking to stay in a given place for a longer period of time than just overnight. Most people who can offer a spare room in their house or rent their entire apartment, in case they are not using, usually do so to travellers who are seeking daily, weekly or monthly lodging. For the price of a budget hotel, short-term apartments usually come fully furnished and are self-inclusive of washroom facilities and a kitchen. One of the biggest advantages of staying in a short-term apartment is that it feels like a home away from home. This opportunity also allows you to interact with local citizens around the area with neighbours or community fellowmen and can help you to appreciate what it feels like to live in the country, albeit for a small period of time. Look for apartments that have been reviewed in the past by former tenants. It also helps to do a bit of research regarding the location of the apartment and the various transportation options available in and around the area. Living in a short-term apartment is a wonderful way of living like a local in the particular city/country of your choice.

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