6 Points You Should Never Miscalculate When You Compare Health Insurance Plans

When you have a plan to get you and yourself insured, possibilities are that you might have to squeeze through a plenty of variables in a search for the right one. Of course, focusing on the better deals, and ruling out the bad options can make your way easier to meet you with the one that you deserve for. Just filling up a few essential details, you can get the access to a number of exciting insurance plans that are available at pocket-friendly prices. Here is what you actually need to consider while comparing health insurance plans at your own:


  1. Co-Pays & Co-InsuranceAs far as the hospitalization is concerned, it’s always wise to properly check the co-insurance percentage of your health cover since it is considered to be your greatest financial exposure. In general, a kind of fixed co-pay amount comes with most plans instead of percentage on co-insurance, even before you met with an amount of deductibles. Check how many lab tests, clinic visits, etc. are allowed in a year under your chosen cover.

Extra Deductibles and Co-Pays – You are always suggested to check if your plan includes extra co-pays and deductibles due to this you might be asked to spend extra amount during the emergency/urgent care, while having costly drugs, taking visits to your doctor, etc.

2.Out-Of-Network Spending – Like many others, you will be most likely to skip checking the out-of-network information given on the form in case if you want to get all the medical care from in-network providers. While looking for the best healthcare attention, you have a need for your favorite doctors, chiropractors or naturopaths who aren’t in your insurer’s network. This results in increasing you spending even in normal years. However, you as a patient may have to approach a specialized doctor or clinic in case if you suffer from some special illness or injury like cancer etc.

  1. Family Vs Individual – Many insurers offer plans that come with individual and family deductibles as well as out-of-pocket limits. This is something that can create some problems for you when you are in the market to evaluate your exposure and compare health insurance policies in India. Remember, in order to best judge your worst-case financial exposure, it’s better to enter the family deductibles in the calculator instead of typing the individual amounts.
  2. Drug Costs – Under some plans, you can spend on drugs in the normal deductibles, co-pay as well as out-of-pocket totals. However, this doesn’t remain the same with plans offered by other insures. Don’t forget to look at the big upside factor that could cause a big financial crisis while spending on purchasing expensive drugs for a long period. Most plans only cover the expenses for generic drugs, so check it properly before you compare health insurance policies.
  3. Uncovered spending – There are a few things that are not covered by many plans. You can read the benefit summary of your health plan so as to make sure that you will get all the vital medical services during your emergency time.
  4. Read the Limitations & Exclusions – Most plans don’t include it on the summary of plan’s benefits, so you can ask it from your insurer. There are numerous plans that don’t provide coverage for the injuries caused when you are under the influence of alcohol. So, you might get many surprised when you claim for the reimbursement. In order to avoid it, when you compare health insurance plans, it’s crucial to read all the details related to the limitations and exclusions of the policy.

Bottom Line – Although many of you generally take your steps back while investing in a plan, buying a health cover ensures to keep you in a secure place. Think again about it and get health insurance right now without taking too much time!

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