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7 Best Restaurants in Florence Serving Genuine Italian Food

Most likely, there’s no need to mention the advantages of Italian cuisine, since everyone knows that Italy is remarkable for its incredible dishes, which are also loved by many people in the other countries.
Nevertheless, you need to know that the most exquisite dishes of Italian cuisine are waiting for you in Florence. Its restaurants carefully preserve national culinary traditions, serve high quality food and implement the standards of excellent Italian cuisine.

Therefore, the locals are very proud of the city’s restaurants and trattorias. A lunch or dinner in one of the establishments situated on the banks of the Arno River in Florence can be considered a great cultural experience.
So, once you come to Florence, make sure you visit one of its best restaurants you’ll learn about now.

IL Palagio
Why to visit: The restaurant and the same-name hotel are located in the old palace. The Chef of the restaurant Vito Mollica, who is the holder of a Michelin star, sets high standards of Tuscan cuisine by using only the finest ingredients.
The menu includes dishes with reasonable prices, while the rich wine list consisting of the drinks from different price category allows you to complete the dinner according to the Italian tradition.
What to order: Cautarogni pasta with braised pheasant and porcini mushrooms.

IL Palagio

Features: A lunch in the gorgeous garden of the restaurant can be considered an amazing culinary adventure in Florence.

IL Santo Bevitore
Why to visit: The atmosphere of youth and regularly replenished menu make the restaurant one of the most popular in the students’ quarter of Sanfrediano. The friendly staff and young English-speaking owners of this simple-style establishment will offer you only the best dishes at fairly reasonable prices.
What to order: Pappa al pomodoro – sweet stew of tomatoes, onions, garlic and bread, cooked in olive oil with excellent parmesan cheese.

IL Santo Bevitore

Features: The restaurant is located in a quiet place. You can have lunch or dinner there every day except for Sunday (Sunday – dinner only). Next door to the restaurant there’s a small wine bar, belonging to the same owners.

Enoteca Pinchiorri
Why to visit: This establishment constantly ranks in the ratings of the best restaurants around Italy. In the hall with 50 seats you can enjoy delicious food from the chef Annie Feolde and one of the world’s best wine lists. The menu may seem somewhat expensive (main courses cost up to €100), but the culinary works by Annie, who received three Michelin stars, are worth it.
What to order: A lobster with rosemary and paprika in sweet and sour sauce together with fried mashed chickpeas; for a dessert order a strawberry mousse or lavender ice cream.

Enoteca Pinchiorri

Features: The regular guests especially appreciate the restaurant’s patio. During the warm months people are in a hurry to book a table in Enoteca Pinchiorri to have supper in the open air, admiring the stars.

Cantinetta Antinori
Why to visit: This gorgeous wine bar and trattoria is controlled by the famous wine maker Piero Antinori. The establishment is located on the first floor of the XV century family palace in the center of Florence. You can enjoy there a genuine Tuscan cuisine of the Renaissance period for reasonable money.

Cantinetta Antinori

What to order: Small pieces of toasted bread with black Tuscan cabbage.
Features: The establishment offers an excellent wine list consisting of all sorts of the famous wines, including the tremendous Solaia and Tignanello.

Ristorante Cibreo
Why to visit: This restaurant is hidden behind the modest interior and is one of the most unusual eateries in Florence. The menu is constantly replenished by Fabio Picchi and includes unique dishes. A visit to the restaurant will make you completely happy and reinforced.

What to order: Picchi will change your idea of ​​the giblets: be ready to try there a roasted pigeon, veal stomach, stuffed chicken necks.

Ristorante Cibreo
Florence, Tuscany, Italy

Features: You won’t be given an ordinary printed menu. Instead of that a waiter will tell in detail about each dish and help you to make the choice. Picchi also controls Trattoria Cibreo located around the corner; it offers a similar menu but lower prices.

Buca Lapi
Why to visit: The restaurant is located on the site where the wine cellar of the XVI century used to be; the cellar belonged to the Antinori family, who were the famous winemakers. Now you can try there high quality Tuscan food. All the dishes are very simple but incredibly tasty, because they are made of fresh local ingredients.
What to order:  Chianina traditional beef steak and Tuscan vegetable soup Ribollita.

Buca Lapi

Features: Typical Italian furnishing. The comfortable interior favors cozy and pleasurable evenings.

Ristorante IL Latini
Why to visit: Since 1965 the restaurant sets the quality of the famous Bistecca alla Fiorentina (a Florentine steak). Although this place is crowded with tourists, no one leaves it without enjoying large portions of high-quality beef steak.
What to order: Although Bistecca alla Fiorentina is the specialty of the restaurant, it’s worth to try the exclusive prosciutto, salami and Tuscan bean soup Ribollita.


Features: You can get to this restaurant only twice in the evening – at 7:30 pm and 9:30 pm. You will sit with strangers, won’t get the menu, and won’t know the price for what you order until you finish the dinner.
Don’t worry, you will not be robbed at the restaurant, but the effect of a surprise will certainly spin your nerves.

So, these are the restaurants of Florence where you can relax in a cozy atmosphere and try the finest Italian food.
However, except for Florence there are lots of other destinations in Tuscany region where you can get amazing culinary experience. So, it would be great after visiting Florence to continue your trip to some other places nearby.
If you don’t have your own car for it, you can read the review on Florence car rental deals and choose the cheapest one. Without a doubt, this trip will let you enjoy great landscapes, marvelous sights and delicious food!

By: Lily Berns is a freelance blogger and she mostly writes about how you can enjoy your holidays at different tourist destinations.

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