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The Top Four American Fast Food Restaurants Ranked By Health

With the lifestyles that most Americans have, they seem to be virtually living in their cars. This always-on-the-go way of life has also affected their choice of food. This is the reason why a large number of Americans have one or more meals at the nearest fast food joint on a daily basis. Whatever be the excuse for not having a home-cooked meal, the fact is that the habit of gorging on high-calorie, high-fat junk food has made America a nation of obese fast-food junkies. Not unsurprisingly, there has been a huge amount of criticism aimed at all the leading fast food chains for the quality of food that they serve. Over time, this has resulted in many of the nation’s biggest fast food chains to alter and adjust their menus to offer healthy options. Take a look at what they have been up to.


Panera Bread

Present in over 1,230 locations all over America and Canada, this café-style bakery eatery seems to have got its menu just right with numerous choices that are high in taste and quality besides being healthy too. Health-conscious parents will also love dining at this chain because it has a variety that even kids will adore such as organic yogurt, natural peanut, butter, and jelly as well as whole-grain bread slices topped with organic cheese. If you can resist the lure of cheese Danish and sticky buns at the counter displays, you are sure to be wowed by a nutrient-rich combo such as focaccia bread with a half turkey artichoke with vegetable soup or bowl of really tasty and nutritious black beans.

Jason’s Deli

This chain is concentrated in the west, Midwest, South, and Mid-Atlantic where it is present in 206 locations. It has risen rapidly through the ranks of fast food chains largely because it has focused itself on organic food – over 20% of the ingredients used are organic. It also manages to find favor with discerning palates with a number of very creatively constructed salads. They are so attractive to look that you will find yourself automatically ordering and relishing them. Jason’s also scores onportioncontrol. The menu highlights sandwiches that are extra-healthy and goes a step ahead with nutritional information listed. Some sandwiches, however, could be high in sodium; so if that is a concern, you could be better off ordering the ultra-healthy items.Since the chain’s presence is relatively small, McDonald’s delivery could end up being your only viable option for fun food.


Au Bon Pain

A much smaller fast food chain with just about 280 locations, Au Bon Pain has carved out an enviable reputation for serving fast food that is healthy. A lot of importance is placed on whole grains, vegetables and hormone-free chicken in its sandwiches, salads, soups, and hot entrees. If you are really inquisitive about how healthy your food choices are, you can stop by at the computer kiosks that will provide you with the relevant nutritional information so that you can order your meal with proper knowledge on the calorie, sodium, and fatcontent. If you are visiting, do not forget to order the truly delicious low-cal soups of which there is a fair variety available.

Noodles and Company

Present in the South, Midwest and West in just 204 locations, Noodles and Company, serves an assortment of Asian, American, and Mediterranean fare. After you have decided on the region, you have the liberty of ordering from four options of its famed shrimp, hormone-free chicken or even organic tofu. The food is noticeably lighter in taste as no grease is used. Soybean oil that is clearly healthier is used for all sautéing. When stopping by, remember to try out the whole-grain linguine – it’s a relatively rare item to find in a fast food menu, but do avoid the calorie-rich desserts.

Author bio: Sujain Thomas is a homemaker who also writes regularly on food trends in the online media. While she makes it a point to serve home-cooked food to her family, she is not averse to sometimes going online and clicking on to order stuff for parties.

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