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7 possible cases to encounter in Eviction Records

The world is facing economic depression and numerous families are affected. People are losing their jobs while others are struggling in business. Due to lack of a steady income, people still need to find a better way to live decently. Frugal living is a state where tenants take possible measures to reduce expenditure on housing. The following are the legal reasons for evicting a tenant.

Violation of the rental agreement

Before the tenant rents the apartment, he/she must have an agreement with the landlord. The agreement contains the rules and regulations the tenants must follow. These agreements are binding legal documents. If a tenant violates any rule, the landlord can start a legal process to dislodge him/her. The courts will be involved in this process.

Not paying rent on time

The objective of the landlord is getting rent. The property is his source of income and the government expects him to pay taxes too. The payment of rental charges needs to be done on time. Both the landlord and the tenant ought to agree on the suitable time for the payment. Delay in paying the rent will be featured in the eviction records.


Damaging the property

It is normal for the houses to wear; especially after being used by the tenant. Houses depreciate when the landlord  lacks a proper maintenance program. Thus, it is vital to distinguish between real damage and wear and tear. However, this stand may not be valid if the renter takes responsibility and repairs the damages he/she has caused the house.

Using the property for illegal activities

Some tenants might be having other interests that may put the lives of their neighbors at risk. You will find tenants that turn their apartments into clubs and places to sell drugs. This is a residential area and you should not allow such activities. Some criminals might take advantage of the apartment and use it in planning their criminal activities.

Disturbing other neighbors

It is cumbersome to stay with some characters. You need an individual that will blend with other neighbors. When the tenant seems to be disrupting the peace of the neighborhood, he/she should be ejected. The complaint commonly expressed by other renters is loud music. If the tenant cannot change his behavior he/she must be removed.

Refusal to give landlord access to the unit

Since the property belongs to the landlord, he/she should have access to it. However, the landlords must understand their clients are given the right to privacy. If the privacy of the tenants is violated consistently that would culminate to a legal battle. It is wrong for the tenant to change the locks of the house with intent to lock out the landlord.

Tenant selling or renting the property     

The tenant is not supposed to sell the property or rent it out without the consent of the landlord. Some of the renters with an intention of reducing their rental charges will rent a space to another person. This is another ground for evicting the person since it is not his property.

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