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Staying Attractive to Prospective Landlords

The most attractive rental homes or properties normally have very fierce competition from prospective tenants. This is not a bad problem to have for landlords, who normally look for the best tenants anyway. For the individual looking to rent, what this means is that they normally have to look for a way to set themselves apart from the competition. This is not an instantaneous thing; this attractiveness must be developed over time. Here are some of the factors one should remember when looking to improve their reputation and make themselves more attractive.

Paying rent

This is perhaps the most important. Most landlords normally have set dates by which rent should have been paid. Make sure to pay the current landlord on time and keep a good track record. The new landlord will likely want to know that their new tenant is a reliable individual who can be trusted to pay rent on a consistent basis. If there were issues with rent payment at the old place, then the chances that problems will occur again are high, at least that is what most landlords end up thinking.



A history that can be verified goes a long way in improving one’s standing in the eyes of a prospective landlord. Here are the three most important elements that one should have absolutely nailed down;

  • Rental history: for those who have rented before, verifying this requires a simple phone call or meeting with a past landlord. With this in mind, have access to contact information for the previous location, including phone and email details.
  • Work history: many landlords like to verify the work histories of their prospective clients as this will help them determine whether they are in a position to pay rent regularly.
  • Credit history: with bad credit, one comes across as an individual who is not dependable, which is often considered a huge warning for many landlords.


Evictions are ultimate red flags for new landlords. Whatever the reason one was evicted, the new landlord will likely be looking to avoid such problems. This might sound to most renters like an obvious tip, but having an eviction on one’s record is more damaging than many think. The eviction process is tedious and costly to landlords, perhaps even more than it is to the tenant. Most of the time, when eviction happens, it is because of extreme conditions, which the new landlord will want to avoid.


When moving house, leave the old landlord on good terms. Make sure to give the old landlord or property manager a notice of a decent amount of time, and make the transition a smooth one. Leave the apartment as clean as possible and in good condition.

Application process

Even without the benefit of checking with past landlords, how one behaves during the application process can be an indication of how good a tenant they can be. Many properties have hundreds of potentials in line viewing them. Be ready to pay any application fees when going for the viewing.


Stephanie Clarke is a real estate expert and editor. She runs a company that helps renters find the perfect property or apartments. She also assists and advices tenants on the importance of and how to check their rental report.

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