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A Guide on 7 Excellent Ecommerce Platform Features

Ever wondered why some online shops do better than others? The reason for the difference lies in the configuration and marketing of the ecommerce platforms. Businesses are built on different platforms but the best ecommerce enterprises are built solutions for enhancing customer loyalty and customer experiences. Customer satisfaction will scale your business through increased sales and improved online presence.


You should therefore involve technological experts with mastery of ecommerce marketing. The main features of successful ecommerce platforms include:

  1. Re-platforming and re-engineering

You should have an ecommerce platform developed with features that allow re-engineering. There are many changes that will be done to your ecommerce website once it starts running and to avoid complications, the ecommerce platform built should be flexible.

The platforms should be scalable across POS, web, mobile or kiosks. You must therefore ensure that your service developer uses an ecommerce platform that will allow multichannel/multi-region integration, platform implementation and shopping cart standardization.

  1. Maintenance and support

This is an important ecommerce platform guide. The reason for this is that the efficiency of an ecommerce platform/online shop is dependent on speeds and availability. Errors should be rectified in time and there should be a customer support team to offer product advice. A technical support team is also essential for responding to and fixing technical hitches.

For less maintenance costs, you should have an online shop builtwith features enabling redesign, resizing of screen size depending on device used and also upgrade options. 24/7 support is therefore necessary.

  1. Ease of use

Your customers would like to have a friendly user interface. They should be able to locate and make online purchases easily. This means that your ecommerce platform should have eligible buttons for products, a search box and also a visible shopping cart. Your online shop should also make it possible for customers to change their purchases before confirming purchases.

  1. Customer management services

Besides having a user friendly ecommerce platform and a 24/7 support team, customer management applications should be available. The best of these applications can be integrated into the ecommerce platform.  Web and ecommerce solutions from include CRM applications that will aid in remarketing, increasing lead conversion. This should therefore be a big consideration.


  1. CMS integration

The biggest ecommerce platforms have top-notch application for content management. These application systems make it possible for editing or upgrading packages. Content migration is essential and your ecommerce platform should include the best CMS tools. Integration with systems like email marketing will push your digital marketing campaign.

  1. Financial management services

A reliable ecommerce platform has the best security settings and integrations to facilitate accurate financial transactions. Integrated payment gateways and tax systems will help you in managing your business’s finances promptly.

  1. Analytical tools

Performance of your business’s online marketing should be evaluated. There is no better way for you to do this other than by use of web analytical tools. With these tools integrated into your ecommerce platform, you will be at a position to monitor traffic to your online shop as well as the rate of conversion. The best marketing campaign will also be known with the use of the analytical tools.

In conclusion, an ecommerce platform should have all these features for increased efficiency, customer satisfaction and loyalty. Integration of these features will also help in evaluation of marketing strategies, thus making necessary changes before you start recording losses. Get the best ecommerce developers today to experience these benefits.

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