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10 Key Questions To Always Ask When Hiring Roofers

If you are planning on undertaking any kind of construction or home improvement project, you obviously have personal expectations on the outcome that you desire. For most construction projects, the onus of fulfilling client expectations usually falls on the contractor handling the project. This means that the individual you hire to oversee your project will determine the final outcome. When it comes to roofing, it is especially important to carry out due diligence so as to make the right hire. This is because the state of your roof tends to determine the health of your entire home.


If you have a roofing project and are looking for a contractor who can fulfil your expectations by providing a quality and durable roof, it is recommended that you carry out an in-depth interview with prospective roofers before putting pen to paper on the employment contract. Having used a reputable company called Roofpro myself, I flowed these essential steps with great success. This article will discuss the top queries you can ask during the interview process so as to identify the best roofer to handle your upcoming project.

1. Have you used the material I want to use for roofing before?

If you have already selected your ideal roofing material, you should go for a contractor who has used the same material several times in the past. Remember that different roofing materials require different installation methods. If you hire a roofer with no experience in handling the material in question, chances are that they will install your roofing improperly.

2. Do you have a portfolio?

It is especially important to ask your prospective roofer for their portfolio if you are putting up a new roof. By perusing the portfolio of a roofer, you will be able to understand their style as well as the roof designs that they are capable of producing. Based on the portfolio, you will be able to gauge if a prospective contractor can match and provide a roof that is in line with the style that you expect.

3. Do you have past clients who can vouch for your proficiency?

When researching the details of a potential roofer on the internet, do not take all the reviews left on their webpage to be gospel truth. Some unscrupulous roofing experts tend to buff their sites with fake reviews so that they can look more experienced than they actually are. If you want to really determine if a contractor knows their trade, ask them to provide you with verifiable testimonials from past clients. If a roofer cannot provide these details, consider seeking a replacement.

4. Are you and your workers insured?

Roofing entails climbing to dangerously high heights meaning that contractors are always at risk. If you hire a contractor who is not insured and they are injured at your home, there is every likelihood that they will file a personal injury lawsuit against you. To protect yourself, ensure that you only hire a professional who has a valid and comprehensive health and liability insurance cover.

5. Where will you source roofing supplies?

One of the main reasons why roofs get damaged quickly is the use of substandard supplies. The roofer that you hire should be able to prove that they can provide genuine and high-quality supplies.  A well-connected roofer will be able to direct you to stores where you can get quality supplies at a discount.

6. How do you set your rates?

Different roofing experts use different fee models when calculating the final invoice to charge you. There are professionals who charge a fixed rate for services rendered and there are others who charge an hourly rate. To determine the most appropriate fee model, consider the magnitude of the roofing project. For huge projects, it is best to go with a roofer who is open to charging a fixed fee as they can end up saving you money. If your roofing project is small, perhaps minor repairs, a professional who charges an hourly rate may be ideal.

7. Will you be sub-contracting any work?

Ideally, you should go for a highly skilled and trained roofer who can commit to handling your project without involving any third parties. The moment your job starts being handled by too many people, the liability for quality workmanship usually gets diversified. It is better to have one contractor who you can query should your roofing not be done as per your expectations instead of having to follow up with several people.

8. Do you have a valid licence and accreditation from professional bodies?

Never allow a roofer who does not have a valid licence to work on your property. A valid licence is the only way to know that a roofer has the right academic qualifications and skills to work on a roofing project.

Professional worker

If you want quality workmanship when your project is being handled, it is also best to go for a professional who is accredited by professional bodies. Accreditation usually shows that an expert is interested in trends and developments in their line of work. Professionals who keep in touch with trends in their industries tend to provide results of a higher quality.

9. Are you willing to guarantee your work?

If a roofing contractor such as Active Roofing knows that they will be providing their best work on your project, they will not have any qualms providing a guarantee for services rendered. If during the interview your potential roofer seems cagey about guaranteeing their workmanship, it may mean that they are not sure how to best handle the task at hand and as such, they should be avoided.

10. Do you accept insurance?

Insurance payments can help you offset the costs of your roofing project especially if it is repairs related. However, not all contractors accept insurance payments. Ensure that you are on the same page with your roofer regarding insurance payments to avoid being saddled with a bill that you cannot pay.

The questions above will enable you to shortlist a suitable roofing expert for your project.

Some other qualifications you should look for in a roofing contractor include:

  • Knowledgeability
  • Honesty
  • Reliability
  • Proven ability to handle assigned projects within the set deadline
  • Strong connections with other industry players

If you need a highly proficient roofer within a short period of time you can also ask for recommendations from sources that you trust.

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  1. These are the kind of questions I expect and love when interacting with a potential customer about their roofing needs. Thanks for laying it out so well!

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