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Why winter in Calgary is good time for roof repair

If your roof needs some work, you may be tempted to assume that the best time for those repairs is during the warmer seasons of the year.  However, there are actually several good reasons to have your roof repaired when the snow flies.  Most roofing companies such as Southern Roofing Calgary offer their services year round and there are lots of reasons to take advantage of that.  Let’s explore the best reasons to have your roof replaced in the winter.

Roof repair

The potential for leaks

When ice dams form in your home’s eaves, disaster can very soon follow.  Ice dams are formed when snow builds up on the roof, then melts and refreezes at the edge of the roof line. This can result in serious leaks in the house.  Repairing your roof at the beginning of winter means not having to worry about ice dams and their damaging effects.

Winter can exacerbate existing problems

It can be tempting to “wait out” the winter with a bad roof with plans of a springtime fixup.  However, that’s a big mistake.  If your roof is already in poor repair, winter conditions will only serve to make things worse.  Cold temperatures can make shingles brittle and prone to cracking and curling, which can lead to leaks.  Moreover, snow and ice are very heavy, and if there are structural issues with your roof that extra weight can result in cave-ins.

Winter isn’t a busy time for roofers

Although most roofers offer year-round service (as already mentioned) there are definitely times of the year that are busier and harder to get appointments.  Winter is generally a slower time for roofing companies.  That means that you can potentially get much faster service than you would if you were to book your repair in spring, summer or even autumn.  Instead of having to wait weeks or months for an appointment, you may be able to get one in just a few days.  For many homeowners, this is the number-one reason to have roofing repairs done in the winter.

Aside from quicker appointment times, there’s another reason the fact that winter is the slow season works in your favour:  you can save money.  Because roofing companies want to attract customers to their business in their slow season, most will offer discounts for appointments booked during those months.  It’s better for the roofing company to offer you a discount during the winter than if they had to lay off their employees during that time.  What’s more, they will offer the same warranty on their parts and labour as they would if you had booked your appointment at any other time of the year.  Winter weather does not mitigate the warranty in any way.  If conditions are such that the roofer feels as though it is not optimal to do the repairs, they won’t do them.

If your roof needs some repairs, you may not have considered having those repairs done after the snow flies.  However, as illustrated here, there are actually several very good reasons to call a roofing contractor in the winter.  You will head off potentially serious issues, get an earlier appointment time, save money and have the same warranty that is offered at every other time of the year.

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