Should I Repair or Replace My Dentures? Key Points for Denture Wearers to Consider

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Dentures are an important prosthetic device created to replace missing teeth and reform the structure of the mouth. However, if you are one of the millions of individuals currently wearing dentures, you understand how difficult it can be to smile with confidence, speak with comfort, and eat without problems. Because dentures are worn in the mouth, a warm and moist environment and used to eat, they are subject to damage and buildup. Even the highest quality dentures no matter how well you take care of them must be replaced sometime but in many instances, the prosthetics can easily be repaired.

Common Damage to Dentures

The wear and tear on dentures is typically caused by normal use and periodic accidents. Damage to dentures is often caused by dropping them or chewing hard foods. When one of these accidents occurs, the result is often a chip or crack in a tooth in the set or even the base. Damage can cause wearing dentures to be uncomfortable or even embarrassing depend on the location and type. By maintaining and caring for your dentures, you can prevent damage and maintain the pristine quality of the set.

What Types of Repair Can Be Completed on Dentures?

Individuals often overlook minor damage to their dentures, thinking that the issue requires no fixing or that the issue can be completed at home. Some denture wearers even go so far as to use glue to repair their own dentures rather than taking them to a specialist to be fixed. The issue with this type of fix is that glue is only a temporary fix, and denture acrylic is actually required for such a repair. While a denture repair kit is one available option, this type of fix often lacks the finesse that a dentist or repair specialist can offer. Rather than trying to repair your dentures at home, in most cases you should actually send them to an emergency repair service or other restoration facility.

Denture DiagramHow Long Do Typical Repairs Take?

Many individuals avoid sending their dentures for repair because they are concerned that it will take too much time. In most cases, the amount of time required to complete a repair is dependent on the severity of damage as well as the repair load of the service. Typically, though, your dentist is able to fix a chipped tooth or minor issue in just a few hours. Some repairs, though, require sending the set to separate repair service that may take a few days to a week. If you are looking for an expedited option, you should consider utilizing an emergency denture repair service, which can typically repair the issue and return the dentures to you via mail overnight.

Regular Care for Maintenance

Regular care is one of the keys to maintaining your dentures and preventing damage. Daily cleansing is required of any set of dentures. Try to spend a few minutes cleaning your dentures after each meal and especially as you take them out before bed. If you cleanse them daily, utilizing a soft toothbrush, floss, and gentle cleanser, you will eliminate plaque buildup and prevent additional issues. Ask your dentist if you need to use a special brush or cleaner for your dentures specifically.

You may think that the only way to correct a denture issue is to replace the set; however, more often than not, the dentures can actually just be repaired. Depending on the severity of damage, your dentist may be able to fix the issue as you wait. Otherwise you may have to consider a 24 hour emergency denture repair service.

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  1. My grandmother is thinking about getting dentures, but she is a bit worried of the unknown. I appreciate your advice that we can ask the dentist for any special care, or if we need to get a special cleaning brush or cleanser. I think that talking to the dentist will help a lot to calm her fears.

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